post VJing@Obsession Outdoor 2013

June 1st, 2013

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Obsession is one of my oldest clients….what is it? 14 years now? 15?
This is the fourth time i visualised their outdoor mainstage and somehow
it feels like coming home every year. Obsession kind of grew on me like a
family…this year was better then great and i see the festival getting better every year.
With Marcel doing visuals on the hardstyle stage i got a poke at some VERY fresh
5mm LED at the mainstage with on stage: Showtek, Funkerman, Style of Eye,
Benny Rodigues and Mastiksoul.

Maybe my favorite part was deejaying with some of Jurgen’s records on the
1200’s in the back of the volunteer tent at the “after”. That’s been a while!

post VJing@Thrashbash 2013

March 30th, 2013

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Gareth’s birthday is always an event, and with PRSPCT going strong in the Worm venue,
i knew this would be funny as hell. While i packed my shit at DGTL and rushed over back to
Rotterdam, Sibe and Joris (not-def and hybrid) allready got down to business.
With a lineup that includes Dean Rodell, Limewax, Bong-ra and sinister souls….are you
shitting me?

post VJing@Zwarte Lijst

March 22nd, 2013

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Corrino asked me to do some visuals for them at the afterparty of the
Zwarte Lijst presentation in the North Sea Jazz Venue.
Doing some Zwarte Lijst and Radio 6 branding together with some specially
created jazzy and soulfull animations. Jazz and popular Soul music not being
what i usually do, it was very interesting to make different visuals to what i
normally do in a dance setting. Doing visuals for Corne Klijn, Giel Beelen,
Steef Kuijpers and Phil Horneman is a refreshing break from my usual 4×4
club nights. All these sounds…percussion…strings…brass….very different
to take markers from to cue your visuals to.

All in all a very interesting night!

post VJing@PRSPCT off-corso

March 19th, 2011

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Yet another PRSPCT! This edition was at the off-corso. And off-corso being my
original resident place back in the days it was really cool to visualise this party.
Its really nice working with a lighting and sound crew you know well on a night
like this. With Dieselboy dropping one of his monstersets i’d say this was the
booking that made my week’s worth of grin!



November 13th, 2010

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Kijkbuiskinderen aka KBK-visuals invited me to co-pilot the visuals at the seminal
BEATLOVERZ in AHOY (the biggest venue in Rotterdam), with both rooms completely
filled i’d say this was a smasher of a party. Especially the b2b sets with the other VJs
really did it for me….Lately i’ve been doing a lot of B2B sets which is so cool since i’ve
been going solo most gigs for the past ten years now…it’s good to see other people’s
visuals man!

post VJing@flexbar ADE2010

October 24th, 2010

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Audio Autopsy invited me to do some visuals at their gig at the flexbar in Amsterdam during
the 2010 ADE. It was cool to unexpectedly meet a lot of friends at the party…usually i’m
all about the work. With Morning Glory pumping out the last set i ended up doing a nice b2b
with VJ DAJO from the “vleesch noch visch” crew. All-in-all…great night!

post VJing@PRSPCT

October 8th, 2010

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Ultimate dark drum’n'bass crew PRSPCT invited me to do visuals
for this local edition in my original hometown GOES. It was cool seeing
my homies from Zeeland and just hanging out with the PRSPCT guys,
didn’t get much chance to hang out after the demise of the WATT
club in June 2010. Anyways….blaster of a party…and i broke my v4…
and the lighting guys next to me broke their lightingdesk also…makes
me wonder where all that anger comes from…hahaha

post VJing@sfeermakers

September 18th, 2010

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I started doing visuals for the sfeer crew in 2009...we don't even remember how
we got in touch. After the first gig i felt really cool with these guys. Sfeer is a crew
that know what they want and are always looking to take a simple event to the next
level. The tight production, detailed art-work and their super hospitality make them an
awesome client. Not to mention the whole audience going bonkers during their events!


post VJing@loveland festival

August 14th, 2010

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Again kijkbuiskinderen invited me to join forces at this amsterdam
open air event….massive amount of visitors…lots of areas!
We ended up hosting the beach area with sharam jey, felix the housecat,
boemklatsch, rex the dog and many others…a fun packed day hanging out with
the eyesuppliers and with some nice b2b VJing with Freek from KBK.
The whole area was jam-packed and people even got rowdy in the end when Joost van Bellen
started playing…

post VJing@ Q-BASE 2010

August 11th, 2010

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I never expected to ever VJ at this event….it was on my to-do-list for some time
now because Q-BASE has all the styles i like….and it’s such a massive event.
The guys from TK07 were great to work with….but jeez…again…12 hours of solid vj-ing!
I am now able to sleep during making visuals…for real.

here are some video’s…shit was amazing!


post VJing@MOH brabanthallen

March 6th, 2010

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250K asked me to host a room for them at art of dance’s MASTERS OF HARDCORE….i couldn’t stop bouncing
around for twenty minutes after i got the call! Since last year i wanted to do the industrial area….and i got what
i asked for…9 hours straight up nothing but UKhardcore, speedcore and industrial with Promo, Ophidian,
Producer and Akira&Drokz on the decks.


post Nationale Nieuwjaarsnacht 2009/2010

December 31st, 2009

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At this moment Ferry Corsten was in the USA for his TIABM album tour, so the idea came up to do a
show via a satelite connection. I was located in Rotterdam responsible for Ferry’s show direction for the various LEDs
on the moving podium ship, a monstrous 1920×64 LEDbanner, 14 mini screens on the shore
plus the satelite connection to Ferry doing his show live from Austin and mixing my own visuals!
In terms of show directing and production preciseness this was the toughest show to date!


The show started just after these massive massive fireworks…the biggest i’ve ever seen.
Doing visuals and show directing for this show with 15000 visitors plus being broadcasted live on national TV,
viewed by the whole nation really made me think about the next level in doing visuals.


post VJing@OUTBLAST northsea venue

November 28th, 2009

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I love hardcore as much as the next fellow so when the guys from eyesupply called me
to do visuals here, i was looking at a fun-filled weekend. Man i had such a load of fun!
Thousands of gabbers, all night hardcore and a really nice LED setup…what else do you need in life?


post VJing@LOWLANDS 2009

August 22nd, 2009

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The guys over at Third Movement asked me to think about a show concept for Promo’s new album
on TopNotch. Mainly promoted by this big performance at the BRAVO area at Lowlands 2009 edition
with support on stage by Opposites, Flinke namen, Zwart Licht and SEF.

The impressive visual installation was built and operated by 250K and im happy they helped with
routing and support visuals during the show.


The next 2 days i co-piloted the kijkbuiskinderen at the x-ray area with darkraver’s show being the
absolute madnote….with Rusko, Drums of Death and Lady Sovereign on stage this area was very cool
and different from what i normally visualise for…


post VJing@DOMINATOR outdoor

July 25th, 2009

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250K know i have a taste for the harder styles…so they asked me to solo
the dominator mainstage this year….and damn it was good. 12 hours solo…
with Angerfist, Endymion, Promo and the final show…noise suppressor with
big fireworks in the end.


Pretty much the best solo gig i ever did….the promovideo was so damn cool too.
Ché from Eyesupply did a lot of artwork…plus i made a lot of new stuff
for this gig to last the whole 12 hours with new fresh material…damn!

post Dirty’s Dirty Bash

July 4th, 2009

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For my 30th birthday i wanted to do something special, you know…not just some pussy BS party
but really REALLY go all out. So i organised a mega party at WATT in the basement…
It was pretty crowded with 350 people…all my friends were there, including the ones from austria!
Ten of my friends DJ-ed at the party…with styles varying from breaks untill tekno and speedcore.
This one maybe even topped my last year’s birthday in Brasil. Thanks everyone!



May 29th, 2009

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The first time Subway invited me to do some visuals was an instant smasher all the
way…headliners for tonight were nobody less then dubstep originators SKREAM AND
BENGA!!! The whole place blew up and everyone went completely nutter. I was
surprised by how cool skream and benga are in fact…it was cool to hang out with
them and do visuals on their tunes. Here’s some photography by Nikanika…to show
how awesome this night was!

post VJing with KRAAK&SMAAK

May 20th, 2009

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I was asked to visualise an event called “the main event” @ central studio’s in Utrecht.
The main act was Kraak&Smaak playing live, hanging with them was fun and doing a 1-2
with their regular lighting guy was cool and gave the show that 10% more it needed.
It’s been some time since i did viuals for a live act and it was a welcome variation in my bookings.

post VJing@STRP Festival

April 11th, 2009

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When the guys from Zodiak called i was really happy, i had vj-ed for them several times before and
it was always great fun to visualise their heavy techno sound…so the gig turned out be be STRP which
was triple great…then my output turned out to be 4 sideways turned 10.000 ansilumen projectors,
straight from the box they came in. I rocked that shit so hard…everybody there still
calls me vj SOLARIUM…Eindhoven knows not to mess with me!



March 21st, 2009

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I never vj-ed in Austria before so i wasn’t sure what to expect. The PlemPlem guys were very
hospitable and the crowd went wild over LunarCityExpress’s diverse sound…sometimes happy,
sometimes deep or even techy…i don’t really play at techno parties that much so this was a welcome
change of pace. Vienna knows how to party hard!!!


post VJing@MOH brabanthallen

March 7th, 2009

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250K invited me to host the classics area for this epic hardcore legend party.
9 hours nothing but classics from my childhood with Neophyte, DJ Paul,
Rotterdam Terror Corps, Predator and a lot more…i had a blast here!
I wish all my bookings could be as fun as this one!


post VJing@SZIGET 2008

August 15th, 2008

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Just before his new album kick-off i was asked to do visuals for Ferry Corsten
when he was booked to do a show at the 2008 edition of Sziget in Budapest.
This is the biggest festival in europe, possible the world with 400.000 visitors.
To ever VJ at Sziget was one of my dreams and im happy i could drop a supercool
multi screen show there. Matrixing all the visuals (LED, projections and LCD’s) was a
hassle but the support from the local sziget vj crew was supercool…damn…I LOVE HUNGARY!


post VJing@extrema outdoor 2008

July 19th, 2008

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Still being f#$%-ed up after DanceValley the Kijkbuiskinderen asked me to host the visuals
for the Novalectra tent at the 2008 edition of extrema outdoor. Some legends passed by
and it was fun to hang with DMX-crew, Boys Noize, Dr. Motte and THE SUBS!
Doing visuals on the KBK’s trademark television walls was fun but for me the main thing was
VJing for Vitalic at the Dave Clarke area hosted by the kids.


Here is me…breaking my v4 mixer on Boys Noize’s set….jeez….

post b2b dj-set @ bazar bizar.

June 14th, 2008

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This is the greatest….i was on the flyer to be at this mini-festival and sell my shirts and artworks…but actually i was too damn busy to actually show up…then later that day i ended up doing a b2b dj-set with MR. ruwe data… the same festival. For real…the dstruct posse ROCKS!

post Exhibition @ Kunsttour maastricht 2008.

May 24th, 2008

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For the third year in a row the complete napalmed collective joins the kunsttour weekend in Maastricht. Again we changed Jesic’s studio into a gallery to showcase our works. Which worked rather well, for us this was surely the best visited kunsttour ever.
This year i tried to move away from the installational type of work, so it’s more of a 2d thing.kunsttour001-2008.jpgkunsttour002-2008.jpg

post VJing@i love tekno.

April 25th, 2008

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Again a vjset at the infamous “i love tekno”…i keep ripping up my gear with this gig.ilovetekno25april2008.jpg

post DJing@dstruct’s wereld van witte de with.

September 9th, 2007

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The Dstruct guys invited me to do a small dj-set on the saturday of the “wereld van witte de with” festival. For this event they made an open air exhibition with a mobile silkscreen studio and a dj-booth. 2007’s festival was great…one of the best so far. Pics by Angeliek.

post Painting RedBull stage @ Dance Vally 2007

July 14th, 2007

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I was asked to design and execute the painting for the redbull stage at the 2007 edition of DanceValley (the legendary outdoor electronic music event). For this job i invited staygoldroy, matthijs de valk and senser, together we executed this 10 meter high painting live and on the spot within 10 hours.


post VJing@VERSCH sugarfactory

June 2nd, 2007

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Rick Robin invited me to join him as a co-pilot for his doubleHD VJ set at this edition of versch…
We ended up rocking 4 or 5 screens and the crowd was really cool. Thomas Lauren’s music was
really awesome…that kid has got some talent

post VJing@PIXELS festival 2002

December 27th, 2002

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Through the legendary C-MEN i was introduced to VJ alexandre, a supercool vj from
Strassbourg in France….he invited me to come play at Pixels Festival which he co-produces.
Funny enough Roel from KMKZ VJ was there too and we did some small b2b action…
This festival is so amazing…supercool crowd…awesome deco….wicked music…
and the best thing….they have a line-up of VJs. At that time i was still VJing with VHS
tapes…so i brought like 300 videotapes on the train…hahaha…legendary!
Actually having 5 projectors for your show was uncanny in 2002 too…good times!


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