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October 12th, 2011

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For the ones who read this archive-blog regularly you know i’ve been making paintings for a long
time now. Somehow VJ-ing took a big part of my time lately and i’ve been taking a break from painting
also because art became more serious for me in the last couple of years by doing exhibitions, selling
works and even curating shows….but this week i made this one….nothing serious and just for fun.
Just AWESOME…i love it. It’s about the adventures of MR. Rogers…an orange haired cat.
I’m thinking of making it a series. I really had fun making this one and i just wanted to share the fun!

post Painting @ Solar Weekend festival

August 8th, 2010

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The guys from sesame street funk invited me to join them painting
at this amazing festival with many many musical acts, 20000 visitors
and crazy art, freestyle poetry, theatre, and eye candy everywhere.
Definately one of the the nicest festival holland has, here’s a linky.


post cover for DIMI magazine

December 1st, 2009

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DIMI magazine asked me to make the cover illustration for their new december issue.
Thematically it should be about “winter”, “Rotterdam” and the issue’s theme, street
artists/musicians. Rotterdam based artist Jasmijn van Weenen was willing to model
for me in the extensive fotoshoot we did in Rotterdam. In the end i was really happy
the result, too bad you can’t really see the enourmous detail i put in the illustration here.

post Painting/silkscreen on canvas.

July 5th, 2008

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This is a canvas i did somewhere in 2006-2007?? I think….Anyway…The title is: Global life-global people…all the other paintings in this serie were sold…maybe i keep this one. Its my man Sota Ide from the Cinra crew in Tokyo.canvas-sota-2006.jpg

post Illustration for Dimi Magazine

March 31st, 2008

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For the april2008 issue of DIMI (Rotterdams culture magazine) we made this illustration. The illustration goes with an article about viva la poze…a multidisciplinary event about fashion and lifestyle. The model for this illustration is Peter Strauss.


post Print on canvas.

March 13th, 2008

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The model for this illustration i did for dimi magazine (Peter strauss) liked the result that much that he ordered a print on canvas. Here i photographed the finished work in his house. Im very satisfied with the results.


post Illustration for Dimi Magazine

May 1st, 2007

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This is the first illustration i did for Dimi magazine. Its a magazine on the cultural scene in Rotterdam. The article is about upcoming people in the Rotterdam theatre/dance/fashion and streetart scene. The text says: feed your talent.

post Illustration Blind magazine

October 20th, 2005

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This magazine was an idea from the mind of Rotterdam based artist Marijke Appelman.
At this time i was fully emerged in printmaking…eat sleep breathe printmaking every day.
Especially the combination of printing frames from animations i made and printing (etching)
frames that i made into an animation. For Marijke’s magazine i submitted an image from
a series of stills that were to be photo-etched and printed, i was really interested to see if the
image would survive the steps from film to animation to photo-etch to silkscreened image.

The folded magazine was hand printed in brown and red acrylic ink in an edition of 225.
A lot of people i respected (and still respect) at that time were in this mag.

post Canvas.

October 5th, 2004

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I found this canvas in my friend Maurits’s house. I made this in 2004 and forgot all about it. Its so great my friend still has this hanging in his house…thanks MAU! I remember making a whole series for a lot of my friends over the years. This is number 4 or 5 i think.canvas-maurits-2004.jpg

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