post cover for DIMI magazine

December 1st, 2009

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DIMI magazine asked me to make the cover illustration for their new december issue.
Thematically it should be about “winter”, “Rotterdam” and the issue’s theme, street
artists/musicians. Rotterdam based artist Jasmijn van Weenen was willing to model
for me in the extensive fotoshoot we did in Rotterdam. In the end i was really happy
the result, too bad you can’t really see the enourmous detail i put in the illustration here.

post Illustration for Dimi Magazine

March 31st, 2008

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For the april2008 issue of DIMI (Rotterdams culture magazine) we made this illustration. The illustration goes with an article about viva la poze…a multidisciplinary event about fashion and lifestyle. The model for this illustration is Peter Strauss.


post Interview DIMI magazine

November 1st, 2006

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The week after i graduated WdKA Dimi magazine asked me to submit some images for the post-it section.
In the end it became a small interview. At this time i was very busy with making streetart so i send them
some photo’s of posters i pasted in Rotterdam a week before.
Its so cool that there is a magazine that deals with culture and the on-goings in Rotterdam.

post Design Breil/Blend mag/Blend store

July 14th, 2006

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Blend magazine opened a 60dayonly guerilla store in Rotterdam in 2006, the first
one in Holland. For this occasion they created a special edition of Blend magazine
where local design, illustration and streetart talent could showcase and combine
their work with and next to commercial adds. I was asked if i wanted to have a go
with Milanese watch/fashion brand BREIL. I really wanted to test how raw i could
get with them so i made a pretty gnarly design and even used a fake rolex instead of
the Breil watch they gave me. The magazine spread was also blown up into a big
poster to hang in the store. Actually the whole thing was pretty cool…i’d like to
see stuff like this happen all the time.

post Illustration Blind magazine

October 20th, 2005

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This magazine was an idea from the mind of Rotterdam based artist Marijke Appelman.
At this time i was fully emerged in printmaking…eat sleep breathe printmaking every day.
Especially the combination of printing frames from animations i made and printing (etching)
frames that i made into an animation. For Marijke’s magazine i submitted an image from
a series of stills that were to be photo-etched and printed, i was really interested to see if the
image would survive the steps from film to animation to photo-etch to silkscreened image.

The folded magazine was hand printed in brown and red acrylic ink in an edition of 225.
A lot of people i respected (and still respect) at that time were in this mag.

post Feature in shortfilm

May 9th, 2005

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Independant filmmaker Irene van der Top asked us to feature as actors in her new short film project “ID-CASTING”. Since i got to run around with a mini camera attached to my head attached to a DV recorder in my backback i said YES! immediately… The film was shown at several festivals including the ShootMe filmfestival 2007. You can check it out here:

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