December 17th, 2012

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Art foundation “on the sand” invited Daniël and me to go to Istanbul for this art project. We were
asked to study traditional Delft blue and produce our own (traditional) view on this well known Dutch
tradition on big round stones in front of the opera house in Kadiköy, Istanbul. Also we were asked to
art direct the dutch side project and technically advise on the whole. The team consisted of the on
the sand team, a Turkish host crew, 16 Turkish artists and 5 Dutch artists. In total we painted 49 stones.

The whole project was organized to celebrate 400 years of trade relations between our countries and the
common ancestry of İznik and delft blue that both descend from traditional Ming Chinese porcelain.

Finishing this many stones was a huge feat considering the short production time, the harsh weather,
technical difficulties and constant traffic by trucks, trams and hordes of pedestrians. Everybody was
extremely happy with the final result and the project was opened as a permanent exhibition by the
Dutch Cultural Attache in Istanbul: Daniel Stork and the mayor of Kadiköy.

You can check out more on this great project on

post New Painting…

October 12th, 2011

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For the ones who read this archive-blog regularly you know i’ve been making paintings for a long
time now. Somehow VJ-ing took a big part of my time lately and i’ve been taking a break from painting
also because art became more serious for me in the last couple of years by doing exhibitions, selling
works and even curating shows….but this week i made this one….nothing serious and just for fun.
Just AWESOME…i love it. It’s about the adventures of MR. Rogers…an orange haired cat.
I’m thinking of making it a series. I really had fun making this one and i just wanted to share the fun!

post Exhibition Focus Daily in LosAngeles

March 7th, 2010

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From march 7 until march 28 we’re having an exhibition called “FOCUS DAILY” at the
Continental gallery in LA. Participating artists: lukas gansterer, matthias koenigswieser,
joseph kosir, ulrich nausner, thomas rhube, clemens wolf.


For this exhibition i made a video piece called untitled/vertical which you can see below.

Lukas made a short video showing the whole exhibition.


This foto was taken at our second opening during the LA artwalk, more then 2000 people showed up.
In the end the security even had to step in when things got rowdy. It was a lot of fun
Going to LA…USA is so different from Holland.

post VJing@STRP Festival

April 11th, 2009

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When the guys from Zodiak called i was really happy, i had vj-ed for them several times before and
it was always great fun to visualise their heavy techno sound…so the gig turned out be be STRP which
was triple great…then my output turned out to be 4 sideways turned 10.000 ansilumen projectors,
straight from the box they came in. I rocked that shit so hard…everybody there still
calls me vj SOLARIUM…Eindhoven knows not to mess with me!


post Painting/silkscreen on canvas.

July 5th, 2008

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This is a canvas i did somewhere in 2006-2007?? I think….Anyway…The title is: Global life-global people…all the other paintings in this serie were sold…maybe i keep this one. Its my man Sota Ide from the Cinra crew in Tokyo.canvas-sota-2006.jpg

post Exhibition Fractura in Vienna.

July 4th, 2008

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From early 2003 untill the end of 2007 i was heavily emerged in printmaking culture.
Especially etching, photo-etching, stenciling and screenprinting.
This resulted in a considerable amount of works and exhibitions in a relatively short period of time.
Some of my favorite etching works from 04-06 were exhibited at this exhibition.

post Exhibition @ Kunsttour maastricht 2008.

May 24th, 2008

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For the third year in a row the complete napalmed collective joins the kunsttour weekend in Maastricht. Again we changed Jesic’s studio into a gallery to showcase our works. Which worked rather well, for us this was surely the best visited kunsttour ever.
This year i tried to move away from the installational type of work, so it’s more of a 2d thing.kunsttour001-2008.jpgkunsttour002-2008.jpg

post Expo at Streetvision Breda.

May 23rd, 2008

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Simultaneously with the kunsttour i took part in this exhibition. For this one i made a mural (detail shots below) and the first half of a double piece that featured in both Breda and in Maastricht. I was thinking a lot about the position of the human in current society and how the enormous inflation makes people be more on the lookout for “number 1″. Its some serious things which i tried to incorporate in the themes for both exhibitions.streetvision-flyer.jpgstreetvision003-2008.jpgstreetvision002-2008.jpgstreetvision001-2008.jpg

post Mural at Kijkdoos Vlissingen

April 28th, 2008

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Again we painted a mural at the kijkdoos project in Vlissingen. The Senser organisation keeps rocking this old hotel on the boulevard hotspot. Participants include gek, superA, zedz and many more. This photo is a detail of the giant wall i did. For more info check:


post Filming in Tokyo 2008.

April 16th, 2008

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We picked up the idea to do “hanami” in Tokyo and film the city and the sakura blossoms for future VJ-gigs. Some of the footage was used in the visuals for the Ferry Corsten

post Print on canvas.

March 13th, 2008

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The model for this illustration i did for dimi magazine (Peter strauss) liked the result that much that he ordered a print on canvas. Here i photographed the finished work in his house. Im very satisfied with the results.


post Blacklight painting @ blaak10 gallery museumnacht

March 1st, 2008

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For the 2008 museum-night i got invited by the blaak10 gallery at wittedewith street to make a blacklite painting on a1 board based on the theme “set a light”. The rotterdam museumnight is a yearly event and always busy and fun. All the galleries and museums are open at night…Here is a picture and a avi file made by paul middelkoop at the blaak10.

post Exhibition @ Villa Nuts DenHaag

February 28th, 2008

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Met de expositie from the street on up! presenteert curator Joseph Kosir (Dirty Brown Visuals) een integer en realistisch overzicht van dit hedendaagse cultuurfenomeen.
Streetart is een beweging ontstaan uit een kruisbestuiving tussen graffiti en politiek activisme en maakt onder andere gebruik van agressieve reclame technieken om haar boodschap te verspreiden.

Binnen de hedendaagse kunst wordt op dit moment regelmatig aandacht besteed aan de streetart als beweging en als kunststroming. Daarbij wordt echter vaak alleen aandacht besteed aan het illustratieve element en worden de politieke en actieve street elementen vergeten. Met een brede line-up van (internationale) streetartists laten wij zien Whats for real!.

In from the street on up! wordt vooral de credible streetart belicht alsmede de exponenten in fashion en illustratie die deze energieke kunststroming teweeg heeft gebracht.

met Baschz, B.I.C., Dstruct Collective, Sota Ide [JP], Matthijs de Valk, MP SOLO, Clemens Wolf [AT], Dirty Brown Visuals, A.C.A.B., ZEDZ, Krusty the Skull, Freek Braaspenning, Joey Greco [AT], J. Hoogendoorn/NAPALMED, en SuperBretsig


post Expo at Inoperable Gallery Wien.

November 19th, 2007

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Together with the lastplakkies i did a show at a streetart oriented gallery in Wien. Inoperable Gallery, ran by Nick Ganz is a small but nice gallery with a small shop close to the Mariahilferstrasse. You can check them out here.
On the bottom foto here together with acab and other plakkies:

post Exhibition at kuwasawa building.

December 11th, 2005

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This is a painting/installation together with austrian artist sabrina horak at a group exhibition in the kuwasawa building gallery in shibuya, tokyo december 2005. The text says…
good art equals bad product, i think we definately rocked the place!
I enjoyed working with her a lot. the paintstyle was raw.
all in all a really nice installation.

post Wearables2 expo @ PUNCT.

November 15th, 2005

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Images of wearables2 exhibition in punct gallery / tilburg. The PUNCT crew invites lots of people to get down and dirty with the concept of “wearables”. I was so happy to be able to join and create this project / dresses together with japanese artist yorio sayaka.
expo opened 25 Nov 2005.

post Illustration Blind magazine

October 20th, 2005

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This magazine was an idea from the mind of Rotterdam based artist Marijke Appelman.
At this time i was fully emerged in printmaking…eat sleep breathe printmaking every day.
Especially the combination of printing frames from animations i made and printing (etching)
frames that i made into an animation. For Marijke’s magazine i submitted an image from
a series of stills that were to be photo-etched and printed, i was really interested to see if the
image would survive the steps from film to animation to photo-etch to silkscreened image.

The folded magazine was hand printed in brown and red acrylic ink in an edition of 225.
A lot of people i respected (and still respect) at that time were in this mag.

post Feature in shortfilm

May 9th, 2005

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Independant filmmaker Irene van der Top asked us to feature as actors in her new short film project “ID-CASTING”. Since i got to run around with a mini camera attached to my head attached to a DV recorder in my backback i said YES! immediately… The film was shown at several festivals including the ShootMe filmfestival 2007. You can check it out here:

post Full feature at VPRO NACHTPODIUM

January 28th, 2005

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Famous Dutch rave/breakcore producer FFF and myself were asked to do a full audiovisual liveset in the basement of the VPRO TVstudio in Hilversum. This as part of a feature about VJ-ing on a show called “Nachtpodium”. We installed our equipment and killed the spot with an all-out assault of completely cut-up terror in sound and visuals. I.a.w. we had a blast…i consider this one of our best live gigs ever. The show was aired on 28 januari 2005 and i got calls from people allover that said that couldnt watch the show because their TVset just BROKE DOWN! Check here for some text about the show over at vpro. Then here is a link to the vprowebsite where you can click on the left to see some of the footage. FFF cut up our part of the show into 4 pieces here:


post Nachtpodium bumper VPRO Nederland3

November 20th, 2004

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This is a bumper by Dutch film maker Irene van der Top made for the TV program “Nachtpodium” for infamous (or should i say famous?) Dutch national TV broadcaster VPRO. This bumper was aired in 2004/2005. Here i was asked to give my opinion as to what is “GOOD TELEVISION”. The image on the TV is a talkshow taken from the VPRO archive. AT the end of the session the TV exploded and there was fire and rubble everywhere. Also the floor was covered with paint (i even wrote text on the floor with spraypaint and put THAT on fire!). It was very fun to do. The site is in a building at the now famous JAVAKADE in Amsterdam. Check it out here:

post VJing@PIXELS festival 2002

December 27th, 2002

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Through the legendary C-MEN i was introduced to VJ alexandre, a supercool vj from
Strassbourg in France….he invited me to come play at Pixels Festival which he co-produces.
Funny enough Roel from KMKZ VJ was there too and we did some small b2b action…
This festival is so amazing…supercool crowd…awesome deco….wicked music…
and the best thing….they have a line-up of VJs. At that time i was still VJing with VHS
tapes…so i brought like 300 videotapes on the train…hahaha…legendary!
Actually having 5 projectors for your show was uncanny in 2002 too…good times!


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