post Video for black hole recordings

February 7th, 2013

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Ever since i stopped working with Ferry Costen after the Once upon a night tour
i kind of stopped doing trance all together. My partner and colleague Marcel /LSSLSS
however kept on working in the trance scene full throttle, making lots of visuals for lots of artists.
He’s doing a lot of lyric videos for black hole recordings among others…and sometimes
i help with the deadline. This one also needed to be done fast, i had 1 day to finish this one…

This one by Garmiani & Salvatore Ganacci is called the city is mine and it’s about
Stockholm…so i wanted to use images from the city without giving away that its
Stockholm too soon…also i wanted to play with the lyrics and graphic elements a bit.

post Pitti Bimbo 76

January 18th, 2013

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Jur asked me to help him work on a stand for the imps&elfs brand at the pitti bimbo fair
in Firenze Italy. I hadn’t been there for a year so it was a very welcome treat.
I’m not really a stand builder but it’s cool to actually “build” something every now and then.


December 17th, 2012

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Art foundation “on the sand” invited Daniël and me to go to Istanbul for this art project. We were
asked to study traditional Delft blue and produce our own (traditional) view on this well known Dutch
tradition on big round stones in front of the opera house in Kadiköy, Istanbul. Also we were asked to
art direct the dutch side project and technically advise on the whole. The team consisted of the on
the sand team, a Turkish host crew, 16 Turkish artists and 5 Dutch artists. In total we painted 49 stones.

The whole project was organized to celebrate 400 years of trade relations between our countries and the
common ancestry of İznik and delft blue that both descend from traditional Ming Chinese porcelain.

Finishing this many stones was a huge feat considering the short production time, the harsh weather,
technical difficulties and constant traffic by trucks, trams and hordes of pedestrians. Everybody was
extremely happy with the final result and the project was opened as a permanent exhibition by the
Dutch Cultural Attache in Istanbul: Daniel Stork and the mayor of Kadiköy.

You can check out more on this great project on

post VJing@Zeeuws Meisje Verkiezing 2013

September 29th, 2012

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I don’t recall ever doing visuals for a miss contest before, especially for something like the
“zeeuws meisje”. I really think that Diesch has managed to put the glamour and cachet back
into being a “zeeuws meisje” and i’m proud i could be part of that. It was a difficult show
content wise, to find content matching all the runs of every “miss” and their concept.

After the show i went to a dubstep party from Hybrid kids and after that off to Rotterdam
to help my homie LSS to round up the last ducks at the sinister souls prspct release
bangdown in Worm…All out kid!


post VJing with Zuilens Fanfare Orkest

January 7th, 2012

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This was definately one of the strangest requests i ever got from a client.
This time the Royal Zuilens Fanfare Orchestra asked Marcel (LSSLSS) and
me to remix and vj scenes from famous movies they were playing the soundtracks of.
To us this was a pretty big thing…mocking about with the works of Morricone and
Spielberg for instance we don’t take lightly! In the end we played uber classics such as
Jurassic Park, Mary Poppins, Back to the Future, Last of the Mohicans, Schindler’s list,
Saturday Night Fever, Rocky and more….

The whole production team and the orchestra were so cool and serious about doing the show right
so Marcel and me were stoked to do this thing right…all i can say…it was really a great way
to start off 2012 with this show. Actually even just playing in an actual theatre where people
sit down to see you perform was already such a welcome difference!

post Vacation!

December 20th, 2011

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Yes folks…we are on vacation! Making Photo’s and having fun!
Up in San Francisco…awesome city….you’ll be seeing some materials
in my 2012 set!

Merry x-mas everyone!

post Pitti Bimbo Firenze IT

June 24th, 2011

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Again Imps&Elfs from amsterdam asked Jur to build their stand at the Pitti Bimbo
at the Forza da Bazzo in Firenze. So for a seventh time we travelled there, i do have
to say that the city gets better and better every time we go there. This time we even
found a hall of fame to paint some graffiti and hung out with local hero TOTO DYNAMITE!

post Building@PittiBimbo Firenze

January 15th, 2011

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This week i’m helping jur @ the PittiBimbo in Florence. What an awesome job i’ve got,
seventh time going to Florence. And as fas as a client goes…imps and elfs are a cool
bunch…everything looks superstylin’. I like that eye for detail.
Check them out here:

post dirtybrownvisuals update

November 22nd, 2010

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The world is getting smaller, and i want to be in touch with it! So dirtybrown now has an updated
and also started on twitter, flickr and put up some dj-mixes on soundcloud. There is still
the old fotolog streetart archive but i’m not sure if there will be updates there anytime soon.
You can also find me on professional netwerk LinkedIn.


post TV Feature@101TV’s VJs&DJs

November 20th, 2010

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Through Amsterdam based motion designer and VJ, Rick Robin, i was introduced to the guys at
101TV who wanted me to do a feature with an amsterdam based producer.
It included interviews with us both nicely done by Eva Bartels and it shows our recorded AV-liveset.
Since i didn’t know Daniel and everything was freestyled i was pretty happy with the result,
we went deep…really deep.

post NYELF fotoshoot

October 12th, 2010

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The guys from sfeer asked me to do visuals for their epic new years bash called “new year’s elf”.
Its sort of a joke as eleven in dutch means elf. The style should be mystical and magical so we
ended up doing a film and fotoshoot in the forest at night with a girl as elf-model, a lightsetup
on a generator, a hairgay, Freek as gaffer and joost Z. as art-director. It was a good chance to
try my new CANON EOS 550D! With a proper lens, this thing is a beast!
After Joost finished the poster, i made the teaser. Both can be found on the event website!

post Visuals for OUAN worldtour

March 31st, 2010

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Together with Rotterdam based motiongraphics designer LSSLSS we were asked by Ferry Corsten’s
management to come up with a concept for Ferry’s new mix CD-compilation called “ONCE UPON
A NIGHT” or OUAN for short…we tagged along for the initial fotoshoots for the album artwork just
to get an initial idea and form concept in december 2009 and started production in February 2010.
With a lot of greenscreen shots, fully animated tracks, enourmously technically challenging
themed backplates, citynames, branding, shoutouts, plus a complete loop-library this was an
enourmous workload and we were happy to finish with the conclusion that there were no real
weak points in our visuals and the coherent visual style for the 4 hours of visuals we created.


With part 2 of OUAN out now, Ferry Corsten will continue touring with our visuals
until the end of 2011.


post Dirty’s Dirty Bash

July 4th, 2009

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For my 30th birthday i wanted to do something special, you know…not just some pussy BS party
but really REALLY go all out. So i organised a mega party at WATT in the basement…
It was pretty crowded with 350 people…all my friends were there, including the ones from austria!
Ten of my friends DJ-ed at the party…with styles varying from breaks untill tekno and speedcore.
This one maybe even topped my last year’s birthday in Brasil. Thanks everyone!


post Le printemps, Paris

June 6th, 2008

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My friend Jur is doing all these funky shops around the globe, as here in “le printemps” in Paris. I went along because i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to paint.

post BMX shoot.

June 1st, 2008

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Today i went out with BMX genius and my man from WAAAAY back MARK VOS to shoot some crazy footage in Rotterdam, including a wallride at the Erasmus bridge…im too damn busy to finish capturing the footage but as soon as i have it ill upload some stills here…

Damn…this dude is crazy!filmshoot-mark-2008.jpg

post Filming in Tokyo 2008.

April 16th, 2008

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We picked up the idea to do “hanami” in Tokyo and film the city and the sakura blossoms for future VJ-gigs. Some of the footage was used in the visuals for the Ferry Corsten

post Tshirts @ Tegendraads festival

March 29th, 2008

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As i announced before, i was designing and making tshirts for the tshirt expo and sale at the tegendraads festival @ LVC in Leiden. Here is some photos, i hope to add some more later.


post Tshirt contest and livepainting @ villanuts expo.

March 27th, 2008

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The villanuts people invited me to join their tshirt design contest and do a live painting session with violin player Lonneke van Straalen at their exhibition in “het nuts huis”. Pics by Stefan ZMK.


post Green cricket canvas

March 15th, 2007

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For the office of ecological oil company “green cricket” we made this canvas

of their logo using only natural materials and paints. The size is

140 cm by 180 cm.


post Full feature at VPRO NACHTPODIUM

January 28th, 2005

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Famous Dutch rave/breakcore producer FFF and myself were asked to do a full audiovisual liveset in the basement of the VPRO TVstudio in Hilversum. This as part of a feature about VJ-ing on a show called “Nachtpodium”. We installed our equipment and killed the spot with an all-out assault of completely cut-up terror in sound and visuals. I.a.w. we had a blast…i consider this one of our best live gigs ever. The show was aired on 28 januari 2005 and i got calls from people allover that said that couldnt watch the show because their TVset just BROKE DOWN! Check here for some text about the show over at vpro. Then here is a link to the vprowebsite where you can click on the left to see some of the footage. FFF cut up our part of the show into 4 pieces here:


post Nachtpodium bumper VPRO Nederland3

November 20th, 2004

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This is a bumper by Dutch film maker Irene van der Top made for the TV program “Nachtpodium” for infamous (or should i say famous?) Dutch national TV broadcaster VPRO. This bumper was aired in 2004/2005. Here i was asked to give my opinion as to what is “GOOD TELEVISION”. The image on the TV is a talkshow taken from the VPRO archive. AT the end of the session the TV exploded and there was fire and rubble everywhere. Also the floor was covered with paint (i even wrote text on the floor with spraypaint and put THAT on fire!). It was very fun to do. The site is in a building at the now famous JAVAKADE in Amsterdam. Check it out here:

post Canvas.

October 5th, 2004

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I found this canvas in my friend Maurits’s house. I made this in 2004 and forgot all about it. Its so great my friend still has this hanging in his house…thanks MAU! I remember making a whole series for a lot of my friends over the years. This is number 4 or 5 i think.canvas-maurits-2004.jpg

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