post Shows for Triomf

July 21st, 2015

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Today we do an afterparty for the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse…the world famous 4day walking event.
Triomf is hosting a 90’s now and a 80’s verantwoord at the legendary Doornroosje venue..the
new building…i was waiting to play here for a long long time and it makes me kind of nostalgic.
Doing big stage shows usually means you only play at festivals and bigger venues like the HMH,
Ziggodome, Ahoy, Brabanthallen or MECC…This leaves a lot of great venues in Holland that you
don’t get to play. Since i started doing events for Triomf i did really a lot of shows for them,
usually in between my regular shows and the big upside is that it made it possible for me to play
a lot of legendary dutch pop and rock venues i really wanted to hit at least once in my career.
Just a name a few: Mezz Breda, Melkweg Amsterdam, Burgerweeshuis Deventer, Tivoli Utrecht,
Patronaat Haarlem, Doornroosje Nijmegen but also clubs and smaller venues in the land like:
Luxorlive in Arnhem, Timmerfabriek Vlissingen, P60 Purmerend, Duycker Hoofddorp, De Vorstin
Hilversum, De Helling Utrecht, De Nobel Leiden and many more.


May 21st, 2015

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Another year Funx holds their own music awards, the FMA’s. Like last year, again in the Melkweg
venue in Amsterdam and again on live TV, web, radio and before a live audience. Since the logo
and branding changed again i re did all the visuals we made the previous year plus added a whole
bunch of new visuals and backgrounds for every live artist and award specifically.
Next to the mainscreen there was also the 3 LEDbanner awards show stage for which i made all
the content this year also.

Live on stage this year: Kenny B, Keizer, Nathalie la Rose, Digitzz, Jayh, DIO, Cho, Feis en broederliefde.


May 9th, 2015

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My guys over at #melroy invited me to host all 3 stages at Vland festival in walibi flevo
themepark this week. The artwork was great to work with and we spent really a lot of time
working with this (cinema4d) 3d artwork from veronica to create some great stuff!! Marcel
LSSLSS really helped a lot on this too. With Marcel rocking the house stage, Sibe (not-def) on
the PRESIDENT (eclectic) stage and myself on the mainstage…dang…thats a lot of visuals we
produced over a week’s time…seriously. Veronica has got this on lockdown.
Mainstage hightlights being Buraka som sistema, chef’s special, typhoon and yellow claw…
For the other stages: Ronnie Flex, shermanology, gregor salto, je broer and mr polska.

post WE LIKE THE 90′S

April 18th, 2015

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For KBK visuals i did this 90’s retro show at the HMH in Amsterdam with live on stage the Vengaboys,
DJ JEAN and 2UNLIMITED…How 90’s can you get. The event being organised by SKY radio needed
some custom branding visuals, a audio sync show and some custom 90’s retro visuals. Blended together
with some old fashioned clip-sync and the show was a wrap.

post PAL MUNDO @ AHOY 2015

April 11th, 2015

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My friends over at KBK asked me to host the second hall of the legendary AHOY in Rotterdam for
them. Actually this was really far outside of my comfort zone and it was really interesting to see my
visuals working to Caribean and Latin types of music like Salsa, Bachata, raggaeton, Merengue, Zouk
etc. Actually the show of YAN COLLAZO was insanely good, i was seriously impressed and happy i
could background his show.

post Nacht van de Hollandse sterren

April 4th, 2015

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The guys from timeless event made their Volendam music event into a more general Dutch themed
. LEDLEASE created a really cool LED stage together with Extreme productions and i created
a complete new set of dutch themed visuals for this event. Marcel LSSLSS operated this show
at the silverdome while i was banging out DGTL and Sibe was opening Subway xl8.
Live on stage: Gerard Joling, Django Wagner, Dean Saunders and Dre Hazes.


March 28th, 2015

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For the third time i was invited to do the visuals for the NPO radio6 zwarte lijst afterparty. Hotel
is a fitting place for this i guess and ledlease gave me a nice center screen with some extra
wing panels for mapping. Like last year the excitement is mosty in finding the balance between
jazz and soul fitting visuals and the NPO styled Radio 6 branding. Happy Corrino invited me to do
this job once again, always a treat to go outside your comfort zone.

post KPN kick-off 2015

January 21st, 2015

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Willem from TAAT events invited me to build some creative visuals for their annual two-day sales
event called kick-off. This year it was held at the America hal in Apeldoorn, home town of the
q-led crew. They built a special t-shaped 4k ledwall for us and I created all the “after-buiness”
visuals for this annual KPN main event. After the presentations there was the live shows from
Shirma Rouse, de jeugd van tegenwoordig en the Hed Kandi crew.
Mostly the challenge was the huge 4k screen format and the level of branding involved doing a
KPN production…also involving their sister brands, partners and event sponsors…xs4all, HBO,
Samsung, HI, Telfort, Spotify, HTC, LG and SONY they asked me to get wild with their
campagnes…and the KPN main theme for this year “voel je free” or Feel Free.


December 31st, 2014

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Every year QDANCE hosts a major new year’s celebration in the ziggo dome in Amsterdam
called freaqshow. This year KBK asked LSSLSS and myself to create all the 9 timecode
show visuals and all the mapped deco content for them for this night. We created all these new
and unique visuals in little over 2 weeks…an immense feat. We created close to an hour of
absolute synched timecode visuals.

Below you can see the results, we are quite happy with them. Actully..the show was frigging
amazing…thanks Joris for kicking butt with our stuff…

post FUNX DIXTE 1000 2014

November 22nd, 2014

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This year we used the Hotel Arena venue to present the dixte 1000 radioshow/hitlist afterparty.
With the new logo and branding changing to a more uniform NPO look we had to re do most of
our artwork and visuals…the new FUNX branding is pretty good. But branding on this level is always
a challenge. With live on stage the new full band concept of Gio and Keizer and the complex mapping
of Subway straight after this show the night was a bit of a challenge all together.

post Radio 6 Soul&Jazz awards

October 2nd, 2014

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For this event corrino invited me to do some background visuals around
the awards and the liveshows. I created some custom backdrops for every artist
matching their style and music plus i created some custom content fitting
the NPO and the awardshow branding. The show was shown live on NPO cultura
and featured live performances by Alain Clark, Mr Probz, Gare du Nord, Typhoon,
Kovacs, Daniel Piekartz & Benjamin Herman and with “house band” New Cool Collective.

Here’s foto’s.


August 22nd, 2014

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My friend and colleague Jesica Dreu from deframe asked me to help a little as video operator
on this show. This being a completely directed show about gabber/happy hardcore culture
in Holland it was quite a full and complex show. Several layers of video instarts, video clips,
manually synced songlyric subtitles, LED deco…dancers, lightshow…guest live acts…dj
change overs…the works. In the end some of the material wasn’t even used…it was quite
a full and packed one hour show. It was really great fun to see the ALPHA tent of Lowlands
go completely bonkers though…the audience went completely nuts. See for yourself:

In the end all they needed from me was some manual clip and lyric syncing…some signal
processing and mixing…fun to do none the less…a bit more to the technical side of the job.


May 22nd, 2014

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This is the first year radio station FUNX present their own award show..the FMA or FUNX Music
Awards…at the legendary Melkweg venue in Amsterdam.
I’m always impressed to see how Corrino organises a complex live show like this. Streaming to
(semi)-live television, web and radio…and rocking a venue with a live audience at the same time.
The venue with the live audience…this is where i came into play…apparently it is hard to send
a mapped signal from a live TV truck to a ledwall. For me…it is not.
So next to creating a lot of custom background for every artist on stage plus i also start or route
visuals to direction cues so everything runs nice and sync. Next to the mainscreen on the stage
there is also a smaller award stage with 3 LED banners for the specific award visuals.
Live on stage: Digitzz, Keizer & Gio, Jack Parrow, Kenny B, NYANDA en Jayh.

Watch the whole show here:

post De Nacht van Volendam 2014

April 5th, 2014

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For the third time Timeless organized this Volendam themed Dutch party…with on stage Jan Smit
…Kees Tol and Nick&Simon turned out to be sick so the 3J’s turned up to do a show instead also
Funky Piano’s did a show which was interesting to background. Ledlease and extreme built a
pretty great stage again…specially for a party of this sort. I created a lot of specially Dutch
themed visuals for this event which are supposed to be mixed on a stage mapping with sponsor
branding and a directed live camera feed. So all in all a pretty complete package.


March 28th, 2014

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Second year Corrino asks me to visualise the afterparty for the radio6 zwarte lijst radio show. A
special thing about this show is that this jazz and soul radio station’s branding keeps changing
to a more NPO styled uniform branding. This years deejays include Corne Klijn en Giel Beelen.
Vj-ing for a jazz and soul and disco inspired night…really is something else.
Glad i could improvise a lot on the branding visuals which really came out strong!
Here’s fotos


post FUNX DE DIXTE 1000

November 24th, 2013

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My friends over at Corrino and FUNX asked me to come up with some urban background visuals for
the afterparty and live shows of the Dixte 1000 (Phattest 1000) hitlist/radioshow for FUNX.
Funx is a mostly a young urban radio station with a multicultural musical backbone…varying from
nelson freitas or Carribean music through rap and hiphop and other urban electronic music.
Quite varying but with an urban wordly edge. It was interesting to make visuals in this context and
vj-ing for show background that are also shown semi-live on TV and streaming. This is quite
different from just stage show mapping and operating. With live on stage Jayh, Sef, Dio
en The Flexican. Especially Dio with full live band was pretty awesome.

For this setup i used some extra equipment to get a really nice 3 projector wide ultra wide screen
at the javapakhuis in amsterdam.

post VJing@Nacht van Volendam 2013

April 6th, 2013

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For me, 2013 is definitely the year of consolidation of my business. It’s a surprise that these kinds
of shows i thought were a one-off actually turned into a solid part of my business. With visualising
going wider and wider into application i welcome this new business. What started small in 2011 and
2012 is now a whole different set of event that need visuals too! Thanks Timeless Events.
This was a great second edition with Jan Smit and Nick&Simon and DJ JEROME at the Silverdome.

post Video for black hole recordings

February 7th, 2013

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Ever since i stopped working with Ferry Costen after the Once upon a night tour
i kind of stopped doing trance all together. My partner and colleague Marcel /LSSLSS
however kept on working in the trance scene full throttle, making lots of visuals for lots of artists.
He’s doing a lot of lyric videos for black hole recordings among others…and sometimes
i help with the deadline. This one also needed to be done fast, i had 1 day to finish this one…

This one by Garmiani & Salvatore Ganacci is called the city is mine and it’s about
Stockholm…so i wanted to use images from the city without giving away that its
Stockholm too soon…also i wanted to play with the lyrics and graphic elements a bit.


December 31st, 2012

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The guys from KBK invited me to visualize this event for them in the Amsterdam Convention Factory.
For new year’s eve ledlease patted down a really high and narrow screen for me. Maybe the first time
i worked with a size like this. One of the main advantages of LED is that you can really change the
look of the room and the visuals by changing the screen…making it high or long…just what you want.

With some A/V starters and intro’s…a different screen setup and it being NYE it had all the ingredients
for a fun night for me. HEDKANDI artwork is always fun to play with, it’s fun to work with such a strong
brand in dance music with such recognizable style.


post VJing@Zeeuws Meisje Verkiezing 2013

September 29th, 2012

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I don’t recall ever doing visuals for a miss contest before, especially for something like the
“zeeuws meisje”. I really think that Diesch has managed to put the glamour and cachet back
into being a “zeeuws meisje” and i’m proud i could be part of that. It was a difficult show
content wise, to find content matching all the runs of every “miss” and their concept.

After the show i went to a dubstep party from Hybrid kids and after that off to Rotterdam
to help my homie LSS to round up the last ducks at the sinister souls prspct release
bangdown in Worm…All out kid!


post Teaser for NY12

December 31st, 2011

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The guys from Sfeer Events asked me to create a teaser for their latest stint
“new year’s twelve”, a sequel to last years new years party. This year they asked
me to design the stage with a huge led setup. Like last year i made a teaser to
announce the event and also i will create the visuals for the night, all based on the
artworks created by Joost from eyeron.

I guess i know what i’m doing at new year’s eve…this is going to be one awesome party!

post VJing@ AIFW’s fashion addicted

July 9th, 2011

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Style Today together with club Panama organised this openings party for the
2011 edition of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week…Nice music and
nice fashion shows on the catwalk…very cool to do visuals for and cool people
to work with. Doing visuals for a catwalk show is so much different from a party!

post Pitti Bimbo Firenze IT

June 24th, 2011

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Again Imps&Elfs from amsterdam asked Jur to build their stand at the Pitti Bimbo
at the Forza da Bazzo in Firenze. So for a seventh time we travelled there, i do have
to say that the city gets better and better every time we go there. This time we even
found a hall of fame to paint some graffiti and hung out with local hero TOTO DYNAMITE!

post Visuals for Björn Borg 2011 collection show.

February 4th, 2011

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Marcel from LSSLSS and me were asked to come up with some fresh motion graphics for the
2011 collection show of Björn Borg over at the Endemol studio’s in Amsterdam. With less then
a week to go we were really happy the Borgdudes from Sweden sent us the original patterns
from the underwear to get funky with. With special musical guest Mark Ronson & the Business Intl.
hosting a very special guest appearance from Boy George we now had all the ingredients to rock
out the show. We created 30 minutes of new visuals for this show, specially for the 3 part LED setup
cooked up by DNA, Unlimited and Hulskamp. In the end we also co-piloted the operating together with
Hulskamp to make sure the timing came correct. Awesome show, definitely one for the books!

post VJing@wealllove80s&90s

January 29th, 2011

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted about this before but this show just got me remembering things. Since
2004 I’ve been doing all the visuals for we all love 80s and 90s. First just in off-corso, but later in
clubs throughout all of holland like the level, Panama, 013, Effenaar, Bozzini, Winkel van sinkel, Club
Rembrand and many many more. Now all of these shows are visualised with my pre-recorded mixes
on a HD except for the one at off-corso back where i started way over a hundred of these shows ago.

post Building@PittiBimbo Firenze

January 15th, 2011

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This week i’m helping jur @ the PittiBimbo in Florence. What an awesome job i’ve got,
seventh time going to Florence. And as fas as a client goes…imps and elfs are a cool
bunch…everything looks superstylin’. I like that eye for detail.
Check them out here:

post VJing@passieXL maassilo

January 1st, 2011

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Kijkbuiskinderen invited me to do some visuals for them at this newyear celebration event
at the maassilo on the huge LEDvisual setup from awakenings the day before. It was a pretty
cool wall, ledlease/kunstlicht did a real cool job on that.
But the complex setup really needed two people to fly a rig like that. It was really cool to work
with the guys from kunstlicht and kijkbuiskinderen on this…everybody was really tired from the
day before. Also i wasn’t really sure what to expect because urban isn’t really my forté.
But actually the party was really crowded and fun to do.

post VJing@NY11

December 31st, 2010

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Sfeer evenementen wanted to do something special for their annual new year’s bash,
so they created NewYearsElf or short NY11. A mystical flavored party with some cool
extra’s like elven dancers and models on swings…a whole bar crew with wings and my
midi controlled 3 screen setup….in short, i made a special VJ set suitable for a 3 screen
setup and matching the whole NY11 theme…the extra wide 3 screen format was very
cool to work with…much nicer then your average 16:9 or 4:3 set-up. Hanging the
3 projectors and matching the 3 screens to 1 big visual was a serious hassle but so
worth it considering the extra wide screen projection i ended up with.
In the end the whole party was sold out and the everybody was partying all out!
Sfeer rocked the spot once again!

post VJing@MOH BASEL swiss

December 11th, 2010

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The eyesupliers keep calling me for these dirty shows. Which is a good thing!
With no sleep and less then half a show prepared i went off to switserland
to do Masters of Hardcore Basel. Awesome way to test my new midi controller
….fuck it….ipads are for the weakhearted! Ill stick with midi controllers for a while!
With the angerfist and noize suppressors shows as my favorites, also korsakoff had
a good run, so i put this small youtube clip of her set with my visuals on it here too.

Noize suppressor’s new sonar live show was a blast to do visuals on, too bad it was
on these “small” LCD’s. The Swiss laser dudes really wooped my ass here.

post NYELF fotoshoot

October 12th, 2010

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The guys from sfeer asked me to do visuals for their epic new years bash called “new year’s elf”.
Its sort of a joke as eleven in dutch means elf. The style should be mystical and magical so we
ended up doing a film and fotoshoot in the forest at night with a girl as elf-model, a lightsetup
on a generator, a hairgay, Freek as gaffer and joost Z. as art-director. It was a good chance to
try my new CANON EOS 550D! With a proper lens, this thing is a beast!
After Joost finished the poster, i made the teaser. Both can be found on the event website!

post VJing@sfeermakers

September 18th, 2010

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I started doing visuals for the sfeer crew in 2009...we don't even remember how
we got in touch. After the first gig i felt really cool with these guys. Sfeer is a crew
that know what they want and are always looking to take a simple event to the next
level. The tight production, detailed art-work and their super hospitality make them an
awesome client. Not to mention the whole audience going bonkers during their events!


post VJing@ Q-BASE 2010

August 11th, 2010

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I never expected to ever VJ at this event….it was on my to-do-list for some time
now because Q-BASE has all the styles i like….and it’s such a massive event.
The guys from TK07 were great to work with….but jeez…again…12 hours of solid vj-ing!
I am now able to sleep during making visuals…for real.

here are some video’s…shit was amazing!


post Painting @ Solar Weekend festival

August 8th, 2010

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The guys from sesame street funk invited me to join them painting
at this amazing festival with many many musical acts, 20000 visitors
and crazy art, freestyle poetry, theatre, and eye candy everywhere.
Definately one of the the nicest festival holland has, here’s a linky.


post Video for Yuri Kane-Right Back

April 26th, 2010

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With the release of Once Upon A Night, LSSLSS and me were pressed for
time to finish all the visuals for the tour that had just started. When
Flashover Recordings asked us to visualsize the main single of the cd into
a PV, we were looking for inspiration. And after the first version was rejected
we wanted to make a really beautiful classical style trance clip and we opted
to use stock materials and rework and edit those as tight as possible.
It was a new thing for me to use stock…but i think we managed to do a good job in making
a real old-school trance clip. And…we’re proud to say it’s got over 1.6 million hits.

post Visuals for OUAN worldtour

March 31st, 2010

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Together with Rotterdam based motiongraphics designer LSSLSS we were asked by Ferry Corsten’s
management to come up with a concept for Ferry’s new mix CD-compilation called “ONCE UPON
A NIGHT” or OUAN for short…we tagged along for the initial fotoshoots for the album artwork just
to get an initial idea and form concept in december 2009 and started production in February 2010.
With a lot of greenscreen shots, fully animated tracks, enourmously technically challenging
themed backplates, citynames, branding, shoutouts, plus a complete loop-library this was an
enourmous workload and we were happy to finish with the conclusion that there were no real
weak points in our visuals and the coherent visual style for the 4 hours of visuals we created.


With part 2 of OUAN out now, Ferry Corsten will continue touring with our visuals
until the end of 2011.


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