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October 20th, 2005

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This magazine was an idea from the mind of Rotterdam based artist Marijke Appelman.
At this time i was fully emerged in printmaking…eat sleep breathe printmaking every day.
Especially the combination of printing frames from animations i made and printing (etching)
frames that i made into an animation. For Marijke’s magazine i submitted an image from
a series of stills that were to be photo-etched and printed, i was really interested to see if the
image would survive the steps from film to animation to photo-etch to silkscreened image.

The folded magazine was hand printed in brown and red acrylic ink in an edition of 225.
A lot of people i respected (and still respect) at that time were in this mag.

post VJing@HostileTakeover

October 15th, 2005

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Shapeshifter was organizing a new series of parties with the support of
adi-j’s bassground. All of holland was in a holding pattern of booking big dj’s
for their parties after major league and prspct. Shape wanted to go next level
and booked hive, mampi swift, twisted individual, dillinja/lemon d, j-majik and some
more d’n'b legends for this edition and previous year’s weekend double edition at the
paard in the Hague. The b2b vjing with mediafreak was awesome and t paard proved
to be a great industrial location for drum n bass and tekno. Later that year i returned
to vj with kijkbuiskinderen at VAN SLAG dropping a more drum n tekno approach.
All in all i only played at t’ paard 3 or 4 times but i really like this venue!

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