post VJing@CastleClub Cyprus

July 31st, 2009

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After the release of Twice in a blue moon, Ferry started to tour the world again. With Bert from unlimited doing
the tour shows, i had some time to concentrate on my own visuals. It was cool to test my new chops with the new
tour concept and mix it all up….this show was definately the basis for the visual concept for the OUAN tour the next year.
Everybody went bonkers here that night…i think it was the English!


post VJing@DOMINATOR outdoor

July 25th, 2009

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250K know i have a taste for the harder styles…so they asked me to solo
the dominator mainstage this year….and damn it was good. 12 hours solo…
with Angerfist, Endymion, Promo and the final show…noise suppressor with
big fireworks in the end.


Pretty much the best solo gig i ever did….the promovideo was so damn cool too.
Ché from Eyesupply did a lot of artwork…plus i made a lot of new stuff
for this gig to last the whole 12 hours with new fresh material…damn!

post Dirty’s Dirty Bash

July 4th, 2009

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For my 30th birthday i wanted to do something special, you know…not just some pussy BS party
but really REALLY go all out. So i organised a mega party at WATT in the basement…
It was pretty crowded with 350 people…all my friends were there, including the ones from austria!
Ten of my friends DJ-ed at the party…with styles varying from breaks untill tekno and speedcore.
This one maybe even topped my last year’s birthday in Brasil. Thanks everyone!


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