post Visuals for OUAN worldtour

March 31st, 2010

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Together with Rotterdam based motiongraphics designer LSSLSS we were asked by Ferry Corsten’s
management to come up with a concept for Ferry’s new mix CD-compilation called “ONCE UPON
A NIGHT” or OUAN for short…we tagged along for the initial fotoshoots for the album artwork just
to get an initial idea and form concept in december 2009 and started production in February 2010.
With a lot of greenscreen shots, fully animated tracks, enourmously technically challenging
themed backplates, citynames, branding, shoutouts, plus a complete loop-library this was an
enourmous workload and we were happy to finish with the conclusion that there were no real
weak points in our visuals and the coherent visual style for the 4 hours of visuals we created.


With part 2 of OUAN out now, Ferry Corsten will continue touring with our visuals
until the end of 2011.


post Exhibition Focus Daily in LosAngeles

March 7th, 2010

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From march 7 until march 28 we’re having an exhibition called “FOCUS DAILY” at the
Continental gallery in LA. Participating artists: lukas gansterer, matthias koenigswieser,
joseph kosir, ulrich nausner, thomas rhube, clemens wolf.


For this exhibition i made a video piece called untitled/vertical which you can see below.

Lukas made a short video showing the whole exhibition.


This foto was taken at our second opening during the LA artwalk, more then 2000 people showed up.
In the end the security even had to step in when things got rowdy. It was a lot of fun
Going to LA…USA is so different from Holland.

post VJing@MOH brabanthallen

March 6th, 2010

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250K asked me to host a room for them at art of dance’s MASTERS OF HARDCORE….i couldn’t stop bouncing
around for twenty minutes after i got the call! Since last year i wanted to do the industrial area….and i got what
i asked for…9 hours straight up nothing but UKhardcore, speedcore and industrial with Promo, Ophidian,
Producer and Akira&Drokz on the decks.


post VJing@Rockers w/ Bloody Beetroots

March 5th, 2010

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Watt invited the Bloody Beetroots Deathcrew 77 to play live at this
very cool event….shit was sold out and the party went really really
mad…first time i saw a moshpit at a dance event from front to back
…holy crap. With musical backup from Keatch, Tom Deluxx and Mason
this was one of my best visual gigs this year for sure!

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