post Pitti Bimbo Firenze IT

June 24th, 2011

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Again Imps&Elfs from amsterdam asked Jur to build their stand at the Pitti Bimbo
at the Forza da Bazzo in Firenze. So for a seventh time we travelled there, i do have
to say that the city gets better and better every time we go there. This time we even
found a hall of fame to paint some graffiti and hung out with local hero TOTO DYNAMITE!

post VJing@PRSPCT XL13

June 1st, 2011

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The thunder gods of drum n bass ascended from the higher heavens to bang
some eardrums tonight! HOT-DANG! Another monster edition of PRSPCT XL.
Number 13 to be precise. I noticed that i’ve been doing a lot of prspct shows
these days which is cool! It’s a nice variation to the other show i do. No need
to tell you how awesome this party was…you know already! Here’s some
photography from Tom Tactix…i really like how he shows the intensity of these
nights, his photography really rocks!


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