post VJing@Global Gathering UK

July 30th, 2011

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After the electronic family stint i had 10 minutes to pack up my gear and get myself backstage
to take a shuttle to the jet terminal where we got on a jet to Birmingham. Ferry was doing the
prime time show at the God’s Kitchen area at Global Gathering, just after Aly&Fila and before
Marcus Schultz who were also at Electronic Family and joined us in the jet. Again a really nice
LED setup where i really got into playing the new visuals i made for Ferry. On monday it’s back
to the studio to do final corrections on them and prepare for the next show in Romania on Friday!

post VJing@Electronic Family Festival

July 30th, 2011

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I was asked to do some visuals for Ferry Corsten again this weekend.
It’s been a while since i had to focus on trance music but i came up with
some fresh new ideas for Ferry’s 2011 visual look which is fully based on LEDs.
I tested my gear and made the mapping on friday and then on saturday we
started off in the “a state of trance” area with Ferry b2b with Armin and me
b2b with Carlo, one of Armin’s regular vj’s eyesupply. It was cool to mix it up.
Then 100 minutes deep at the mainstage where Ferry really got into his thing
and i could take some time to test my new visuals.

post VJing@Tomorrowland BE

July 23rd, 2011

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Eyesupply invited me to host an area at Belgium 3-day monster dance festival
Tomorrowland…i could not say no. The first day i visualised the Trance Addicted
area with simon patterson and Aly&Fila who i wanted to do some visuals for for a
while now…then the second day the roster got mixed up and i ended up double
teaming the Format area with Angelo with a pretty cool LED setup including the
ceiling…and with brodinsky and don rimini on decks…It was cool to see Angelo at
work on the big LED deco and it gave some new ideas and inspirations for future
work. Then the last day was definately the best one!
Dim Mak in the house…and they rocked it big time…from the first record to the last
almost 13 hours later… The day was cool with uffie and Gtronic but the two last
shows dadalife and steve aoki b2b afrojack really went nutter!! I really enjoyed
visualising their sounds on the last day…a 12 hour set really makes you get creative
with your loops and material!

post VJing@ AIFW’s fashion addicted

July 9th, 2011

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Style Today together with club Panama organised this openings party for the
2011 edition of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week…Nice music and
nice fashion shows on the catwalk…very cool to do visuals for and cool people
to work with. Doing visuals for a catwalk show is so much different from a party!

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