post VJing@Creamfields UK

August 28th, 2011

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This festival has been on my wishlist since 2006 so naturally i was stoked to hear i was booked
as Ferry’s VJ. Technically festivals can always be a bit challenging. Both getting your rider demands
met, as well as getting LED stage mappings in order in a short timeframe. In the end these difficulties
only prove the gig to be more worthwhile…for one i’m really sure i rocked this baby silly! I really gave
all i had and went all out, making sure no creamfielder would ever forget i was there!
Ferry’s show was the madnote! This certainly is one of the shows of 2011 i will look back upon proudly!

post VJing@SW4 London UK

August 27th, 2011

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Ferry asked me to do some visuals here for him at this tour de force weekender.
First inkom maastricht…then some hours later legendary and sold out SouthWest4 weekender
festival in the middle of London, where we were a guest at Above&Beyond’s GroupTherapy area.
It was nice to finally meet Spencer AKA rebeloverlay. One VJ who’s style i really like!
Apart from a little rain this was a good start of the saturday! Off to Creamfields yeah!


August 26th, 2011

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I did some visuals for the inkom guys last year as well and i really liked their approach and
production. These guys are just really cool! Every year they organise the biggest student
event in Maastricht in the MECC with 6500 visitors. With shows on tuesday (with DJ PAUL!)
and on friday with Lasgo, Memphis Maniacs and Ferry Corsten this was my midweek delivery!
Still being a bit fucked up just coming from Lowlands, the tuesday production was a bit hard, but
both nights being sold out and everybody going bonkers, i really had a lot of fun doing visuals here!

post VJing@Lowlands X-RAY 2011

August 19th, 2011

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After 2009 i really wanted to do visuals at lowlands again. My friends from kijkbuiskinderen/
kbkvisuals and ledlease/kunstlicht asked me to co-pilot the gig and help make some extra visuals.
For this area they created a special setup with 5 strokes of flex led on the ceiling, a 7mm LED wall
behind the artists and a tile mapped 9K projection above the entrance in the back…all in all a pretty
crazy setup commandeered by two servers and 4 content laptops. Then on the sunday the cavalry
arrived with some extra lasers and we took the whole place apart. So many cool artists passed the
line this year but my personal favorites were definatley KAKKMADDAFAKKA, Tom Trago and Emalkay.
With 6 vj’s on deck this was definately a new thing for me, trying so many crossovers and each others loops.

post VJing@Mission Dance Weekender Romania

August 5th, 2011

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This weekend Ferry’s bookings brought me to Romania! So after a 3 hour drive from Bucarest
we arrived at lovely Constanta at the black sea coast to rock a show at the Mission Dance Weekender! The Romanian countryside was really cool to see…Romania is not all you would
expect and the people were really friendly…also hanging out with Above&Beyond and Paul van
Dyk’s crew was unexpected and a lot of fun…very cool to see the shows from other big names
behind the scenes! Personal highlight of this weekend was definitely sitting at the black sea
beach just after the show at 06:30! Maybe this trance thing is really getting to me :-D

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