post VJing@STRP festival 2011

November 19th, 2011

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One of my favorite festivals in Holland…and it’s getting bigger and bigger! This actually being a
kijkbuiskinderen/kbk visuals stint, they asked me to host one of the smaller rooms for them.
Turns out the first night they shifted the line-ups and i get to do visuals for James holden,
Nathan Fake and Michael Mayer…that’s a pretty neat line-up in my book. I’m a big fan of holden
and was looking for a chance to do visuals on his music for quite a while now.

Next weekend on the 26th i’ll be hosting the ligtcafe for the kids as well with on deck none
other then orgue electronique and I-F…give me bunker all the way baby!
All your italo are belong to us!


November 5th, 2011

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Through some connections i was asked to do some visuals for this event. Knowing Flexican from some
shows before i knew this was going to be fun. I would say that urban music is definately different to
do visuals on and this year has been a healthy mix of shows and music types. I feel my skills are still
increasing show by show. Still i’m thinking about new and better visuals for LED and making better

My favorite guest act was definately hydroboys…i had never even heard of them before so that was
cool but also flinke namen are always cool to see on stage and the guest appearance from CHUCKIE
promoting his all black dirty house concept in the RAI december 17 (where i’ll be doing visuals as well!)
was pretty cool! All in all, i’m happy my schedule worked out like this so i could do this show!

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