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March 31st, 2012

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It’s awesome when your clients have confidence in you. Again i got a poke at
the still artworks supplied by studio Spass to promote the upcoming Subway XL2
sprung up from the brain of dubstep mastermind NICON. This is the 5 year anniversary
of the label and event series going all out at the Maassilo March 31 and i’ll be there
making you visually uncomfortable in the main room.

With on decks: Bar9, Reso, Skism, Document One and Youngsta among others…
i know i’m saying this a lot lately…but this is going to be a mad mad party…if you
like dubstep i’d advise you go.


March 24th, 2012

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This year i asked eyesupply if i could host an area for them at hardcore’s finest…MOH!
My fourth year so far, and it’s always a lot of fun play here! So they gave me the
industrial area with a really nice LED setup to do some masking. In the end masking 36
blocks over a SD signal was a bit of a hassle but still really worth it…Actively working the
30 seperate blocks of LED really made the room come alive.

Greatest thing about this night is having to mix 10 hours with visuals…you really get a
sense of how much material you’ve got and what it’s worth…keeping it fresh for 10 hours
is what makes me a good vj i feel. Doing visuals for the dj producer here was also nice…
he was on my to-do list since my first steps in visuals around 2000.

post VJing this weekend.

March 10th, 2012

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With Marcel doing the Nope is Dope XL special in the Maassilo up in Rotterdam, i was up north
in Ijmuiden playing the Thalia Theatre. The guys from in2disco sold out the place and even though
it’s only been two times i played here i really like their approach. Feel good music, solid promotion
and a positive attitude in production. Not to mention the Thalia Theatre itself which is beautifully
restored in it’s 1920 art-deco glory. It’s not often you get to play such a beautiful venue.

Then on Friday Marcel and me had some fun mapping out the 6 piece LEDwall the guys from XTREME
patted down for us….it was a nice production…LED, projections, intro visuals, lasers…a techno
basement area….the whole shebang! And getting the place almost sold-out and with guys like Hardwell,
Flexican and LuciĆ«n Foort on deck I’d say Nope is Dope is back on track solid!

post Vjing all over Holland.

March 3rd, 2012

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Ever since the filmconcert show things got really hectic with smaller gigs spread all over Holland.
It was really fresh to just go out and play places i hadn’t played in years or never even played at all.
Melkweg was some time ago, Tivoli Utrecht i had never played, the new Worm venue in Rotterdam,
which was really exciting since it was completely sold out off the bat….just so cool to be part of that.
off-corso which is now called Corso Rotterdam…the Thalia Lounge in Rotterdam i hadn’t played for
at least 5 years…the huge Maaspoorthal complex with a whopping 6000 people, and even crazier…
Gebouw T in Bergen op Zoom and P3 in Purmerend. My friend Arno over at Phantomlab invited me
for a live streaming AV set on a friday night….it was fun getting rough with live visuals at this “webtek”
joint venture with a lot of other people interested in music and visuals. Online events really have a
future. All in all, just a lot of shows and a lot of fun visiting cities and venues….meeting new people
and making quality visuals.

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