post VJing @ AWAKEFEST 2012

June 30th, 2012

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My friends over at kijkbuiskinderen invited me to fly the x-stage for them with co-pilot
Bram…awesome shit…we fully rocked the place with this more then awesome screen setup.
Creating custom content and the mapping throughout the week it was great finally
putting our gear in full action on saturday. With legendary acts like Oscar Mulero, Dj Rush, Ben Sims
and The Advent i was very happy to do visuals in the X area. Special big ups i’d have to give to
ledlease/kunstlicht for the awesome stage setup…man…their 12mm LED screens ROCK!

post VJing@YOURS TRULY XXL paradiso

June 29th, 2012

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Again i was asked to take a poke at monster concept yours truly, well known
from Jimmy Woo in their bi-monthly XXL edition in Paradiso. This time with
Mr Polska as guest artist along with hosts Sef and Flex ready to rock the party.
This time they patted down a video projection mapping screen setup with 9 screens
from the mooiejongens crew who did a nice job on the mapping.
With awakefest and latinvillage in mind this was the best intro for the weekend i
could wish for, smooth music and a jampacked paradiso…ba-baaaaaam!


June 2nd, 2012

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And again my friends from rewind/obsession asked me to visualise the mainstage for them
at their annual sold-out bash. I spend a lot of time on the deco visuals to combine with their
zoo/jungle theme. Combine that with a very spectacular LED stage setup which required
me to do some extensive mapping the days before. I was surprised by my new setup
which stood its ground all day. Hey…a computer is still just a computer, right?
But this is the season where we finally went fully digital, and it’s been a blast so far!
This show really got the shit kicked out of it…a good start of the festival season with
music from Crookers, Luciƫn Foort and showstopper Jordy Dazz really amazed me.

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