post VJing@OUTDOOR STEREO 2012

July 28th, 2012

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Usually i don’t really do a lot of shows above the Amsterdam area so i was surprised by
this booking from Pink Hippo to visualise their 2012 Outdoor Stereo Mainstage.
I don’t really remember ever doing visuals in Hoorn…maybe you forget shows after 12
years :-D but this was a nice one. Superb location, next to the beach, great weather,
just all the ingredients you need for a great summer dance festival.
With Luciƫn Foort going out trancy in the end and Shermanology really upping their game
on us…wow…..great music, great artwork to look at and work with.

The LED mapping was another thing too, spending my time on the terrain from thursday
to get everything right with AV partner “AV POINT”. When you spend all this money
on LED and a great stage, i really feel the content and visuals should match the effort.
I always ask my customers to make some extra money available for extra time for
mapping and content, with shows like these i notice it’s starting to pay off. Just Great!

post VJing@LATIN VILLAGE 2012

July 1st, 2012

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The day after, latin village used the same terrain and setup as awakefest so after
the chancheover we were back to do another day of great visuals.
What was funny was that some artists brought their own visuals or VJ and did a lot
with videoclips. It’s good to see our complex setup held up to host external visuals
as well, sometimes that can be a bit tricky. Bram really is the man, we rocked another
solid double shift today, big ups to him for extraterrestial VJ-stamina!

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