post VJing@LOWLANDS XRAY 2012

August 19th, 2012

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I cannot even begin to describe this….what a rebirth…
3days x 15 hours of visuals, plus mapping and content preparations
the days before….but it showed off….this is by and by far the sickest
stage i have ever visualised. No doubt.

When i was asked by ledlease and kijkbuiskinderen to come VJ here,
i knew this weekend would be something special…not just because
lowlands is awesome or because of the 140 m2 of LED on stage and in the
ceiling but also because they are all amazing people to work with.
When you spend 5 days up close you really find how creative everyone
can get making technical and artistic solutions.

3 fullcolour lasers, 100m2 12mm LED in the ceiling and 40 m2 7mm LED on
stage all in a complex matrix and under our direct control…all for a
3000 people area/hangar….as for a VJ i’d say this is the sickest setup
i’ve been able to play with so far. What is also cool is that the XRAY area
is always the one place with the weirdest and freshest music and with every
act a new and fresh start to create something great on the spot.

My favorites being Chromatics, Holy Other, Anstam, Clark, Object but
Tom Trago and TODD TERJE really took the ball for me….amazing as DJ’s.
They really cooked the audience!


August 18th, 2012

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My vj partner Marcel/LSSLSS had to get into action for me for at this one, as our friend
PinkHippo/3monkeyz just hosted another festival in this area, very close after Outdoor
Stereo. We were asked to host the hardcore / hardstyle area which is aways a nice change.
Unfortunately i was stuck at Lowlands the whole weekend…oh well….let’s get it on!
More shows, all is well!

post Dutch Valley, Nacht van Volendam, Hitz for Kidz…

August 11th, 2012

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Past year has been one of many changes for me and the people i work with. I really feel visuals and
visualising are changing rapidly and indefinite. Not only on a technical level but also content wise…
visuals are getting better and more complex…and there is a lot of good stuff around! But also the
use of what used to be linear club VJ-ing has won ground into more mainstream applications.

For instance Dutch language music…this year i did a concert for Nick&Simon and Jan Smit at the
Uithof in the Hague…i thought this would be an exception. But recently i was asked by Triomf
to do a show for them at Dutch Valley….The biggest festival for Dutch Music…all sporting
interesting screen setups that you would normally find in a club. Through a friend i was introduced
to Hitz for Kidz who do really big shows for kids 6-12. Another terrain i never considered. But i
guess the rise of motion graphics and advanced animation techniques really has changed the view
on what the mainstream finds appealing! But imagine 6000 kids going crazy to a show and
essentially the visuals are the same as you would find in a lounge or club, albeit a bit more
colourfull! I find this really interesting, the ways my old and trusted workfield is changing
and i’m wondering where my work as a visualiser will take me in the future.


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