post VJing@Thrashbash 2013

March 30th, 2013

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Gareth’s birthday is always an event, and with PRSPCT going strong in the Worm venue,
i knew this would be funny as hell. While i packed my shit at DGTL and rushed over back to
Rotterdam, Sibe and Joris (not-def and hybrid) allready got down to business.
With a lineup that includes Dean Rodell, Limewax, Bong-ra and sinister souls….are you
shitting me?

post VJing@DGTL

March 30th, 2013

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For a spring festival this was a lucky one…the days before and after were really cold but on the day
itself it was nice and sunny. A good day for a festival. Through my friends at LEDLEASE i came into
contact with the pleinvrees and strafwerk crews who organised this stint. They gave me a nice stage
with LL’s brand new p110 flex led in the ceiling and a bunch of p8 on the stage…all sponsored by
J├Ągermeister…thank you mr J├Ąger! When they also asked me to do some animations for the gate
Ledscreens the fun was complete.

A year ago it would’ve taken a lot of preparation to do this show, lots of gear and two operators
maybe even. Now i just rock it solo with two laptops and my brand new Rabiit HD mixer.
My favorites for the day…Boris Brejcha who was a total surprise and Sachienne…who gave a nice
spring emo techno liveset…

post VJing@Zwarte Lijst

March 22nd, 2013

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Corrino asked me to do some visuals for them at the afterparty of the
Zwarte Lijst presentation in the North Sea Jazz Venue.
Doing some Zwarte Lijst and Radio 6 branding together with some specially
created jazzy and soulfull animations. Jazz and popular Soul music not being
what i usually do, it was very interesting to make different visuals to what i
normally do in a dance setting. Doing visuals for Corne Klijn, Giel Beelen,
Steef Kuijpers and Phil Horneman is a refreshing break from my usual 4×4
club nights. All these sounds…percussion…strings…brass….very different
to take markers from to cue your visuals to.

All in all a very interesting night!

post VJing@Timmerfabriek Vlissingen

March 15th, 2013

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Louk created another triple hitter at his venue, De Timmerfabriek
in Vlissingen…with apart from Hybrid actually nothing going on in
Vlissingen Louk is doing a good job keeping the party scene alive there!
This weekend i’m visualising an amazing and HUGE 1 visual/5 screen beamer
installation there at three events…on friday we have survival of the hardest
with hardcore and hardstyle (nosferatu, darkraver and killa-b) and on
saturday the dj-contest for Kunstbende 2013 and Groove2chill techno
with main-act Secret Cinema! Kablamm people…be there or be…..


March 9th, 2013

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Another Nope…another Dope…This time with DJ Jean, La Fuente, D-rashid,
Franky Rizardo etc. Rocking up a storm, nice LED setup and until 7 in the morn..
Lots of gigs this month…the dirty brown is happy guys :-D

post VJing@SUBWAY XL4

March 2nd, 2013

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The Goodness keeps on coming, already XL4! With sets from: Jakes,
Bar9, The Others, Badklaat and Emalkay who left the Maassilo smashed
to bits. Going strong till 7 in the morning is not an easy feat with dubstep
going this mental…dubstep is not dead yet my friends!

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