post VJing@Extrema Outdoor Belgium

May 18th, 2013

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At DGTL i met Stivo-Ivo who asked me to come join him at this festival
hosting a stage for him. On the saturday that was the ushuaia stage and
on the sunday the rebelbass/cafe d’anvers stage. Both with interesting LED
setups (p25 LED) and line-ups.
XOB was interesting because they don’t feature the obvious headliners all the
Dutch festivals do…instead i did some visuals for Luciano, Damian Lazarus,
Infinity Ink, Jamie Jones, Reboot and Andrea Oliva. 12 hours a day…oh man…


For me, apart from the interesting LED setups was to see other VJ’s with
a completely different workflow and different tools and software.
Nice to see there is still a million ways to get to great results.

post VJing@WOP festival

May 11th, 2013

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My friend Lennart Visuals asked me to host a stage for him at this festival.
Xsense being a customer of him i didn’t really knew them so i was surprised to
learn they throw a bunch of parties and festivals throughout the year i never heard of.
Never to old to learn i guess….

World of pleasure, what a slammer…with the rain being a real pain outside i was
hosting Vato’s Dirty House tent and it fuller then full and crazier then crazy!
On stage: Vato Gonzalez, Yellow Claw, Skitzofrenix and Irwan….dang!

post VJing@PRSPCT XL17

May 8th, 2013

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Is it 17 already? YES IT IS! Going strong and better then ever.
Sick lineup and a HUGE LED screen. Counterstrike, Goldberg variations, The Hard Way,
Dieselboy, Gancher and Ruin…need i go on? NO! It was amazing…that it was!
Even Tom’s poster artwork keeps getting better and better…WTF Tom!


May 5th, 2013

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I guess i forgot about these… Yours truly really rocking the spots if you’re
into new urban music…trap, moombahton, dubstep, new skool r&b and even
a bit of techno, house and d’n'b in there too. Flexican knows his tunes and
with special guest and nice LED stage setups he keeps his concept fresh.
I’m happy with YT as one of my regulars with these four shows from the back archive…
Feb 1 Effenaar Eindhoven, March 1 Corso Rotterdam, April 5 Paradiso Amsterdam and
May 3 Corso Rotterdam…

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