post VJing@LatinVillage 2013

June 30th, 2013

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A small present to doing visuals at Awakefest is the next day, we get to rock
the whole stage again but in a totally different musical context. LATINVILLAGE!
Our stage was mainly hiphop, latin eclectic and modern electronic urban music
like moombahton, trap, dubstep, newskool bass. For Bram and me the whole day
was more about creating a warm and brooding but lively background for the DJ’s.

post VJing@Awakefest 2013

June 29th, 2013

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While Marcel LSSLSS was banging the hardstyle area at Outdoor Stereo Festival i was
rocking the X area with Bram from Deframe for the KBK gang. It gets complicated sometimes!
I’m just a lucky guy i guess…being blessed with awesome shows and great projects…
Awakefest 2013 was definately another blast to work harder, making it better, doing it
faster. For this show i made about a hundred mappingloops and even more pattern content
loops specifically for the complex LED setup by Ledlease.


Fuck me, i just love Techno, you know…the energetic vibe in the whole room when the bass
is just going deep and the night is still young. Doing visuals for the likes of Speedy-J,
Oscar Mulero, The Advent, Green Velvet, DJ RUSH and VITALIC…seriously…
give us glory or give us death!

post VJing@Obsession Outdoor 2013

June 1st, 2013

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Obsession is one of my oldest clients….what is it? 14 years now? 15?
This is the fourth time i visualised their outdoor mainstage and somehow
it feels like coming home every year. Obsession kind of grew on me like a
family…this year was better then great and i see the festival getting better every year.
With Marcel doing visuals on the hardstyle stage i got a poke at some VERY fresh
5mm LED at the mainstage with on stage: Showtek, Funkerman, Style of Eye,
Benny Rodigues and Mastiksoul.

Maybe my favorite part was deejaying with some of Jurgen’s records on the
1200’s in the back of the volunteer tent at the “after”. That’s been a while!

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