post VJing@Electronic Picnic 2013

July 20th, 2013

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Marcel did the hardstyle stage here last year, and due to a swap deal with Lennart
Visuals we could rock the mainstage here this year. Rob aka 3monkeyz is going strong
in this area as this is a pretty solid festival like his other stint Outdoor Stereo.
Musically it was a bit diverse but it was sets by partysquad and Lucien Foort that stood out.
Marcel and me really focused on creating tight festival themed visuals that fitted
right into the main concept, isolating many elements from the diverse artworks and creating
animations with them.


July 13th, 2013

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The glorious end of a season maybe? All i know is…The YT shows rocked…
The artwork was good, the guest artists were great. The LED setups were gruesome,
the audience was sexy. Sef and Flex always on fire….musically always sound and on point.

post Visual show for Zomerkriebels 2013

July 6th, 2013

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KBK visuals asked me to come up with some cool visuals for the final time
code show at zomerkriebels festival. Lucky for me, my friend LSSLSS is
always there when it comes down to meeting a steep deadline head-on.
It’s very interesting to see how your creativity works when pressed for time.
Everything comes into play…your render pipeline…delivering the quicktime
physically instead of a wetransfer…getting all the mapping info right because
there is no time for error or re-renders. It’s been some time since i got
conceptual with Marcel but it was fun how natural the project took form.
The tracks, the stage design and the whole festival artwork just naturally
work their way into the final result.

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