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August 18th, 2013

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As my friends at KBK are busy rocking world tours with Fedde and Hardwell
these days, they asked me if i was interested in visualising this ibiza concept
for them. Together with Luuk we did the 9 shows on the most famous island
in the world! DLDK visuals were created by ONESIZE so we just had to go over
there and rock the setup…it was a bit of a challenge getting everything to
work but we managed it every time, even when the peli with my gear got lost
at Barcelona airport. It does not matter…we will rock the show regardless!!!
I created some extra visuals to support the the 1size visuals in the breaks and
the rough set parts.

I ended up doing 4 of the shows supporting sets by: Sander van Doorn, Showtek, Thomas
Gold, Deniz Koyu, Quintino and Alvaro. Say what you want, but Ibiza really is something different.


August 17th, 2013

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I’ve been doing PRSPCT shows now on and off since the beginning 10 years ago.
I can remember vaguely the first XL in Nighttown Rotterdam VJ-ing back to back
with my friend Adi on a borrowed MX50 from my school.
Ten years later Gareth combines forces with Bong-ra and Limewax to bring hell
and destruction to the world and Gareth asks me to create the concept visuals for this
new live tour concept “the hard way”. Go crazy with it he said…make it extra dirty.
Keywords are DEATH, OBSCURE, INSANE, VIOLENT, SATAN and well…penguins…
The idea is that over the past years, shows have grown very professional…very
styled and very cool technically. But also boring conceptwise as most LED shows
are just moving wallpaper. My idea was, together with Joris Hybrid, to make some shit
people would most definitely notice and talk about.
I guess it worked. First set THW rocked was on XL17, then on the worm edition last thursday
where Joris Hybrid rocked it and the grand final on Saturday at the XRAY on Lowlands Festival.

As this journalist puts it on the 3voor12 site:
Mensen die emotioneel op muziek reageren kunnen hier beter uit de buurt blijven, want
hier worden de donkere krochten van de menselijke ziel open gereten. Agressie, moordzucht,
perversiteit, die associaties flitsen niet alleen door je hoofd, maar ook over het grote
scherm achter het trio.

Just smiling here…

post VJing@Lowlands Festival 2013

August 17th, 2013

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Ledlease and KBK asked me join them in the ever crazy X-RAY raving 3 days long.
I arrived on thursday and created the mapping loops for the insane LED setup in the roof.
I think it has become a LEDLEASE/KBK special to have so much led in the roof now.
The X-ray has just become so…ridiculous. So much light, sound, laser and visuals…
most decent clubs don’t even have this setup. And here we are rocking it at Lowlands 2013..
the insane pirate ship vampire club it has become.

Most memorable X-ray moments for me: John Coffey (how many times in your life do you get
the chance to vj to anthem-like punkrock?), MMM, know V.A., Surisimo and The Hard Way
after which i had to abandon ship to go to Ibiza again.

post VJing@Solar 2013

August 4th, 2013

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Ivo aka STV asked me to visualise the mainstage for him, as he was more happy in the
technolab area. I can see the logic in that. But still, funny thing about doing a mainstage like
this is every act is a new beginning. And because of the musical difference your visuals are in a
new setting, a new context. Most acts require nothing more then a backdrop and a little mood
enhancer. It’s very interesting to strip the actual vj-ing to do just that and to get really bare-bone
with your visuals.

With the mainstage audience going nutter over de Kraaien, the Opposites, feest DJ Ruud, Fresku and The Ruggeds.
Guess for me, musically speaking, the best moments were with Jupiter and Buraka Som Sistema.
I only got around to actually VJ-ing at the very end on sunday with Benga closing off the weekend.

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