July 27th, 2014

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Yesterday i was here sporting some raw hardstyle…today i’m here visualising the urban live stage.
Re-using the custom 4 piece LED mapping from CRAFT the day before i could focus on making
sunny, colourfull and “urban” content for all the shows…plus some added custom content per show.
The dj acts were a bit much for me but with live on stage: DIO, FIT and especially AKWASI,
FRESKU and legendary GREAT MINDS i had a great day here at the Amsterdam NDSM.


July 26th, 2014

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Under the moniker “Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing” my friends over at 3monkeys/Penoze
organized this monster Hardstyle/hardcore/raw festival and asked us to make custom mappings,
content and visuals for two stages: Penoze and Reckless.
On decks: Radical redempion, Titan, Zatox, noisecontrollers, alpha twins, b-freqz, prophet,
Thera, Exit Mind, Outbreak, Chris One, The Machine and delete to name just a few.
Hardstyle not being our primary thing…it was fun to rock out some stages like this for a day.

post DOUR 2014

July 18th, 2014

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Never in my life did i actually expect to VJ here at this festival…never ever…ever.
When the hard way was booked to play here i was so syched…pure awesomeness.
Not only did we play a stage at DOUR
We played it after Atari Teenage Riot and before IGORRR…HOW GREAT IS THAT!
The hard way killed it….killed it dead…awesome show…

post zomerkriebels festival 2014

July 5th, 2014

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LSSLSS and I took in this assignment for KBK visuals, creating both the live visuals as well as
the 15 minute longtimecode finale-show. Creating this in around 4 days was a bit
of a challenge and we are actually quite happy with the level of our graphics at this point.
On stage this day: Moti, Dyro, Sick Individuals, Sander van doorn and blasterjaxx…
Full on into the EDM as you can see…yes we are comfortable there as well :-)

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