November 22nd, 2014

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My friend NICON…the final boss in dub heavy music asked to visualise this epic tentacled 7th
dub monster…Subway at the legendary maassilo venue is
always a pleasure to rock. For this setup Not-def and me made some
special content, a custom mapping and custom fitted content. A 9 piece
ledwall was quite a special treat…it was hard to fit Tom Hamel’s original
designs in this stage setting.

With on decks legendary none other then Emalkay, Funtcase…badklaat and bukez finest…

post FUNX DIXTE 1000 2014

November 22nd, 2014

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This year we used the Hotel Arena venue to present the dixte 1000 radioshow/hitlist afterparty.
With the new logo and branding changing to a more uniform NPO look we had to re do most of
our artwork and visuals…the new FUNX branding is pretty good. But branding on this level is always
a challenge. With live on stage the new full band concept of Gio and Keizer and the complex mapping
of Subway straight after this show the night was a bit of a challenge all together.

post LOUDNESS @ maassilo 2014

November 15th, 2014

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KBK asked me to babysit the second area for them at this seminal hardstyle banger. With Tristan
rocking the main…i was left with the low res LED in the second room. The developments are
going fast with LED these days so maybe it was even refreshing to rock some low res LED…maybe
even one of the last chances i get to do this haha.Hardstyle has come a long way….on decks:
The Machine, Delete, Digital Mindz, Riiho, Regain, Phuture noize.

post Grotesque indoor @ maassilo 2014

November 8th, 2014

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For this winter indoor edition KBK asked me to operate the mainstage. The led provided by LEDLEASE
was in a pretty nice setup…to think we run these kind of setups every week nowadays…wow.
For this setup i made custom winter visuals, custom mapping, mapping content and special content
per artists…everybody likes to have their branding. I don’t really do trance shows anymore so with
Menno de Jong, Ram, Mark Sixma, Signum, Sean Tyas and legend Marcus Schulz on decks i guess i had
my full portion of trance late this year haha

Greatest bonus of this show was that i got to VJ with the custom loop pack visuals LSSLSS and me
created for Sied van Riel earlier this year.

post Fox Amsterdam Halloween Party

November 1st, 2014

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Bardo asked me to create some creepy visuals for him here at this event. Over the last couple
of years the parade and party have turned into quite an event with this year over 15.000 people
joining the parade and the party being sold out days on beforehand. Westerunie is a pretty good
location for this and i was pretty amazed by all the costumes made by everyone. With Cat
Carpenters, tettero, Poeschpas and Cookachoo on decks…good night! I went all out with this
dia de la muerte theme…lots of fun!

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