May 30th, 2015

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And another year goes by…10 years in the making obsession goes on and on.
For this year we got asked to do two stages again, the hard stage and the mainstage. LSSLSS
running his regular spot i rounded up the main stage screen with a whopping 40×2 meter LED screen.
Total width being generously bigger then 4K…holy mother. I actually didn’t have any content for this
screen width or aspect ratio so we created a huge new set of visuals…mot of which based on the
original artworks by aemworks. Also Emiel from AEM helped on creating some additional visuals.
On decks main: Sander Kleinenberg, Dirtcaps, Quintino, Jay Hardway.
On decks hard: Noize Suppressor, Delete, Thera, Da Tweekaz.


May 21st, 2015

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Another year Funx holds their own music awards, the FMA’s. Like last year, again in the Melkweg
venue in Amsterdam and again on live TV, web, radio and before a live audience. Since the logo
and branding changed again i re did all the visuals we made the previous year plus added a whole
bunch of new visuals and backgrounds for every live artist and award specifically.
Next to the mainscreen there was also the 3 LEDbanner awards show stage for which i made all
the content this year also.

Live on stage this year: Kenny B, Keizer, Nathalie la Rose, Digitzz, Jayh, DIO, Cho, Feis en broederliefde.


May 16th, 2015

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This is funny…for years i’ve been dying to get more techno bookings and here i am being asked to
do both visual stages at Toffler festival and the main at Soenda Festival…at the same damn
weekend…how does that happen?….In any case Sibe and i did Toffler Festival…two stages for
Amsterdam based artFX with a more or less dekmantel type of setup. We created really a lot of new
visuals for this setup, including a whole new set of black and white filmed visuals. Not to boast or
anything…But i’d say we made a really awesome double whammy there that day. On decks:
De sluwe vos, Secret Cinema, Michel de Hey, Dusky, Loco Dice and Eats Everything.


May 9th, 2015

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My guys over at #melroy invited me to host all 3 stages at Vland festival in walibi flevo
themepark this week. The artwork was great to work with and we spent really a lot of time
working with this (cinema4d) 3d artwork from veronica to create some great stuff!! Marcel
LSSLSS really helped a lot on this too. With Marcel rocking the house stage, Sibe (not-def) on
the PRESIDENT (eclectic) stage and myself on the mainstage…dang…thats a lot of visuals we
produced over a week’s time…seriously. Veronica has got this on lockdown.
Mainstage hightlights being Buraka som sistema, chef’s special, typhoon and yellow claw…
For the other stages: Ronnie Flex, shermanology, gregor salto, je broer and mr polska.

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