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April 1st, 2017

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Yes….yes it is.
This edition Joris with the Resolume team helped us a lot with hosting the second area
and being willing to come and test Resolume6 on site with all the new functions!
An integrated lights and visual show is a big step up for the second room!
It’s on nights as these i don’t even mind VJing for 10 hours straight!
Mainroom: Doctor P, Trolley Snatcha, Delta Heavy, Black Sun Empire, Gridlok vs Prolix
Danger Room: Rockwell, Counterstrike, Maztek, June Miller.

post Nacht van de Hollandse sterren 2017

April 1st, 2017

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Sixth year in a row doing this Nacht van concept with Timeless events, Extreme productions
and Ledlease. Like i said last year, we can carry this type of event with ease now and
the ease in how we do it comforts me a great deal. I truly feel we could handle most types of
events visually nowadays. With on stage this year: Tino Martin, Henk Dissel, Re-Play and Gerard Joling.

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