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July 6th, 2008

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Originally Dirtybrown started out a painter and muralist but after years of process he extended his workfield to printmaking, streetart and media arts.

The works investigate the relation between the personal and the outer world.
Or, rather, between the individual and our modern society and the discrepancy
between simple human happiness and fixed ideas such as duty or convention.
The question that could be affixed to the works in macro is:
How can you achieve simple happiness and how can you be a humanist person of integrity
both at the same time, and doesn’t that go exactly against the grain of what our
society is asking of us today?

Throughout our choices between good, bad and worse, grey and black,
simple values have gone to the background. Is this a matter of “growing up” or
is something actually shifting in our society and conciousness?

By actively combining contemporary image culture with traditional craftsmanship
and new techniques, Dirtybrown is able to combine concept, aesthetics and
craftsmanship into works that are both contemporary as well as timeless.

As a VJ (visual jockey) and audiovisual artist he performs on a weekly basis
both in- and outside of his country. His shortfilms were o.a. seen
at the Akbank International Film Festival in Istanbul and the
Machida Museum of printed and media Arts in Machida/Tokyo.
His printed, painted and streetart works were seen in Vienna, London, Paris,
Florence, Hangzhou (China), Kiriyu (Gunma/Japan), Shinjuku and Shibuya (Tokyo/Japan)
next to this his works are regularly seen on both regional and national broadcasts
of the national Dutch television network.

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