June 6th, 2015

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I figured i would play “the kuip” (the feyenoord stadium) eventually, i just wasn’t sure
when or how so when Marc McRowland asked me to VJ his enormous stadium project
i was pretty stoked. Legendary venue…enourmous LED wall and a pretty crazy lineup….
For the mainstage they had Sick Individuals, Mightyfools, Quintino, Jay Hardway,
Bassjackers and DYRO. I spent a lot of time making custom footage for the acts,
intro’s and the mapping but getting to vj from the center dot on the field it was worth it!


post Cinema @ de kuip

June 5th, 2015

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With Mysterious as the main event Third Floor productions asked me to take this one
on as well. With the venue being insanely awesome i didn’t mind rocking this monster
behemoth of a LED wall twice. On decks Hardsoul, Leroy Styles and Shermanology.


May 30th, 2015

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And another year goes by…10 years in the making obsession goes on and on.
For this year we got asked to do two stages again, the hard stage and the mainstage. LSSLSS
running his regular spot i rounded up the main stage screen with a whopping 40×2 meter LED screen.
Total width being generously bigger then 4K…holy mother. I actually didn’t have any content for this
screen width or aspect ratio so we created a huge new set of visuals…mot of which based on the
original artworks by aemworks. Also Emiel from AEM helped on creating some additional visuals.
On decks main: Sander Kleinenberg, Dirtcaps, Quintino, Jay Hardway.
On decks hard: Noize Suppressor, Delete, Thera, Da Tweekaz.


May 21st, 2015

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Another year Funx holds their own music awards, the FMA’s. Like last year, again in the Melkweg
venue in Amsterdam and again on live TV, web, radio and before a live audience. Since the logo
and branding changed again i re did all the visuals we made the previous year plus added a whole
bunch of new visuals and backgrounds for every live artist and award specifically.
Next to the mainscreen there was also the 3 LEDbanner awards show stage for which i made all
the content this year also.

Live on stage this year: Kenny B, Keizer, Nathalie la Rose, Digitzz, Jayh, DIO, Cho, Feis en broederliefde.


May 16th, 2015

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This is funny…for years i’ve been dying to get more techno bookings and here i am being asked to
do both visual stages at Toffler festival and the main at Soenda Festival…at the same damn
weekend…how does that happen?….In any case Sibe and i did Toffler Festival…two stages for
Amsterdam based artFX with a more or less dekmantel type of setup. We created really a lot of new
visuals for this setup, including a whole new set of black and white filmed visuals. Not to boast or
anything…But i’d say we made a really awesome double whammy there that day. On decks:
De sluwe vos, Secret Cinema, Michel de Hey, Dusky, Loco Dice and Eats Everything.


May 9th, 2015

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My guys over at #melroy invited me to host all 3 stages at Vland festival in walibi flevo
themepark this week. The artwork was great to work with and we spent really a lot of time
working with this (cinema4d) 3d artwork from veronica to create some great stuff!! Marcel
LSSLSS really helped a lot on this too. With Marcel rocking the house stage, Sibe (not-def) on
the PRESIDENT (eclectic) stage and myself on the mainstage…dang…thats a lot of visuals we
produced over a week’s time…seriously. Veronica has got this on lockdown.
Mainstage hightlights being Buraka som sistema, chef’s special, typhoon and yellow claw…
For the other stages: Ronnie Flex, shermanology, gregor salto, je broer and mr polska.

post KINGKONG @ NDSM 2015

April 27th, 2015

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For kingsday i visualised this event here at the NDSM wharf. Not too busy…but good music though.
Kerri Chandler was amazing, just like Leroy Styles and Benny Rodrigues. For this event i made a
custom mapping with custom chaser visuals and a special themed visual package with gorillas and
airplanes and everything “KINGKONG“.

post WE LIKE THE 90′S

April 18th, 2015

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For KBK visuals i did this 90’s retro show at the HMH in Amsterdam with live on stage the Vengaboys,
DJ JEAN and 2UNLIMITED…How 90’s can you get. The event being organised by SKY radio needed
some custom branding visuals, a audio sync show and some custom 90’s retro visuals. Blended together
with some old fashioned clip-sync and the show was a wrap.

post PAL MUNDO @ AHOY 2015

April 11th, 2015

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My friends over at KBK asked me to host the second hall of the legendary AHOY in Rotterdam for
them. Actually this was really far outside of my comfort zone and it was really interesting to see my
visuals working to Caribean and Latin types of music like Salsa, Bachata, raggaeton, Merengue, Zouk
etc. Actually the show of YAN COLLAZO was insanely good, i was seriously impressed and happy i
could background his show.


April 5th, 2015

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Third time in a row i was asked to host my favo spot at DGTL…the romney! This year the area was
sponsored by Desperados, and featured a very interesting line-up over this weekender.
DGTL IS AWESOME i tell you. They re-used my visuals for the LED at the front gate, which tells me
i did a good job last year :-) Favs in my area this year: Dusky, George Fitzgerald, Tom Trago, Happa,
Motor City Drum Ensemble and Scuba.


April 4th, 2015

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Sometimes stuff doesn’t need explaining…xl8 was so massive and so crazy. Together with sibe
i rocked this stage into submission. As you can see in the video, the visuals and stage were very
visible and we took a lot of time perfecting this mapping and making custom content for it.
Main on decks: Skism, trolley snatcha, blacksun empire and
drumsound and bassline smith really made my day!

post Nacht van de Hollandse sterren

April 4th, 2015

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The guys from timeless event made their Volendam music event into a more general Dutch themed
. LEDLEASE created a really cool LED stage together with Extreme productions and i created
a complete new set of dutch themed visuals for this event. Marcel LSSLSS operated this show
at the silverdome while i was banging out DGTL and Sibe was opening Subway xl8.
Live on stage: Gerard Joling, Django Wagner, Dean Saunders and Dre Hazes.


March 28th, 2015

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For the third time i was invited to do the visuals for the NPO radio6 zwarte lijst afterparty. Hotel
is a fitting place for this i guess and ledlease gave me a nice center screen with some extra
wing panels for mapping. Like last year the excitement is mosty in finding the balance between
jazz and soul fitting visuals and the NPO styled Radio 6 branding. Happy Corrino invited me to do
this job once again, always a treat to go outside your comfort zone.


March 21st, 2015

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For this show at the Factory 010 i made a really cool space tunnel visual set that could trip you
out all night…Romario booked a nice line up with artists moving from house to tech-house to
techno…Michel de Hey, Sonny Fodera, Leftwing&Kody & ROD finishing it off.

post GROTESQUE indoor FESTIVAL @ maassilo 2015

March 21st, 2015

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For this indoor festival Takayama events together with PT invited me to visualise the mainstage in
the daytime. With some stage design, a pixelperfect mapping and some content to fit the mapping
and the concept the show was ready to go. With on decks artic moon, Ram, Guiseppe Ottaviani
and headliner MARCO V…it’s been a while since i banged out a trance show this hard.

post Speedfreax, Thrashbash, Hardcore Alliance

March 14th, 2015

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Sometimes there are these dates…man….I was asked by #melroy and Meubelstukken to VJ at the
restyled edition of Speedfreax with Snakehips, DJ LUCK&NEAT, NEUTRINO & OXIDE and PEP&RASH.
All on a really shiny LEDwall, cutom mapping with custom content…new loops and everything.
Same night Sibe is rocking PRSPCT’s labelboss Gareth’s birthday bash at Worm for a 3 screen beamer
mapping…just as you think you got all the shows you need…Vincent from Takayama calls me to
boom out this Hexagon shaped ledwall over at Central Studios in Utrecht. Marcel LSSLSS went out
to this show called HardcoreAlliance with on decks: Miss k8, Ophidian, Re-style, Meccano Twins,
Ruffneck and Alien-t. 3 shows…1 night….crazy…

post KPN kick-off 2015

January 21st, 2015

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Willem from TAAT events invited me to build some creative visuals for their annual two-day sales
event called kick-off. This year it was held at the America hal in Apeldoorn, home town of the
q-led crew. They built a special t-shaped 4k ledwall for us and I created all the “after-buiness”
visuals for this annual KPN main event. After the presentations there was the live shows from
Shirma Rouse, de jeugd van tegenwoordig en the Hed Kandi crew.
Mostly the challenge was the huge 4k screen format and the level of branding involved doing a
KPN production…also involving their sister brands, partners and event sponsors…xs4all, HBO,
Samsung, HI, Telfort, Spotify, HTC, LG and SONY they asked me to get wild with their
campagnes…and the KPN main theme for this year “voel je free” or Feel Free.


December 31st, 2014

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Every year QDANCE hosts a major new year’s celebration in the ziggo dome in Amsterdam
called freaqshow. This year KBK asked LSSLSS and myself to create all the 9 timecode
show visuals and all the mapped deco content for them for this night. We created all these new
and unique visuals in little over 2 weeks…an immense feat. We created close to an hour of
absolute synched timecode visuals.

Below you can see the results, we are quite happy with them. Actully..the show was frigging
amazing…thanks Joris for kicking butt with our stuff…


November 22nd, 2014

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My friend NICON…the final boss in dub heavy music asked to visualise this epic tentacled 7th
dub monster…Subway at the legendary maassilo venue is
always a pleasure to rock. For this setup Not-def and me made some
special content, a custom mapping and custom fitted content. A 9 piece
ledwall was quite a special treat…it was hard to fit Tom Hamel’s original
designs in this stage setting.

With on decks legendary none other then Emalkay, Funtcase…badklaat and bukez finest…

post FUNX DIXTE 1000 2014

November 22nd, 2014

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This year we used the Hotel Arena venue to present the dixte 1000 radioshow/hitlist afterparty.
With the new logo and branding changing to a more uniform NPO look we had to re do most of
our artwork and visuals…the new FUNX branding is pretty good. But branding on this level is always
a challenge. With live on stage the new full band concept of Gio and Keizer and the complex mapping
of Subway straight after this show the night was a bit of a challenge all together.

post LOUDNESS @ maassilo 2014

November 15th, 2014

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KBK asked me to babysit the second area for them at this seminal hardstyle banger. With Tristan
rocking the main…i was left with the low res LED in the second room. The developments are
going fast with LED these days so maybe it was even refreshing to rock some low res LED…maybe
even one of the last chances i get to do this haha.Hardstyle has come a long way….on decks:
The Machine, Delete, Digital Mindz, Riiho, Regain, Phuture noize.

post Grotesque indoor @ maassilo 2014

November 8th, 2014

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For this winter indoor edition KBK asked me to operate the mainstage. The led provided by LEDLEASE
was in a pretty nice setup…to think we run these kind of setups every week nowadays…wow.
For this setup i made custom winter visuals, custom mapping, mapping content and special content
per artists…everybody likes to have their branding. I don’t really do trance shows anymore so with
Menno de Jong, Ram, Mark Sixma, Signum, Sean Tyas and legend Marcus Schulz on decks i guess i had
my full portion of trance late this year haha

Greatest bonus of this show was that i got to VJ with the custom loop pack visuals LSSLSS and me
created for Sied van Riel earlier this year.

post Fox Amsterdam Halloween Party

November 1st, 2014

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Bardo asked me to create some creepy visuals for him here at this event. Over the last couple
of years the parade and party have turned into quite an event with this year over 15.000 people
joining the parade and the party being sold out days on beforehand. Westerunie is a pretty good
location for this and i was pretty amazed by all the costumes made by everyone. With Cat
Carpenters, tettero, Poeschpas and Cookachoo on decks…good night! I went all out with this
dia de la muerte theme…lots of fun!

post Radio 6 Soul&Jazz awards

October 2nd, 2014

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For this event corrino invited me to do some background visuals around
the awards and the liveshows. I created some custom backdrops for every artist
matching their style and music plus i created some custom content fitting
the NPO and the awardshow branding. The show was shown live on NPO cultura
and featured live performances by Alain Clark, Mr Probz, Gare du Nord, Typhoon,
Kovacs, Daniel Piekartz & Benjamin Herman and with “house band” New Cool Collective.

Here’s foto’s.

post QBASE 2014

September 13th, 2014

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Some years it’s on, some years it’s off hahaha…
Well this year it was on, my third attempt at kicking shin at QBASE. Stomping the full on prspct and
prspct xtrm arena…holy hell i did not see this coming! With a nice half circle center screen and
some nice side mapping i had all the ammunition i needed for a fun packed 16 hours of solid visuals.
Highlights of the day: counterstrike, fracture4, drokz, ruffneck and detest really kicked some ass
…wtf. To give you an example of the immense face blast we handed out there:


August 30th, 2014

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Sometimes it seems all i do is hop from festival to festival. Rob from pink hippo
invited me to stomp out his Hard stage…with an evil mystical theme…dragons,
fire, evil wizards and dark mountains…i made a lot of effort creating custom content for
this stage…with a bit of a weird a-symmetrical twist….that’s rare in itself.
Higlights on decks: Alpha twins, D-block@S-TE-FAN, Korsakoff@day-mar…booooom…


August 29th, 2014

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For #melroy we produced a cutom mapping, mapping visuals and original visual content for this
3 day mini festival in the heart of Hilversum. Bram from Deframe collective helped me with operating
the stage on saturday with the urban music: Dyna, Biggi, Flava, Abstract, FS Green& MC FIT,
while i did the friday myself with the house music: Roog, Gregor Salto, Aaron Gill.
In the same weekend we had also the RVLT festival ( a prspct spinoff) for extreme electronic music
over at Worm in Rotterdam. We created a custom 3 projector wide ultra wide screen mapping, again
with custom content. I did a lecture about my work here on Friday, then went to do my show in
Hilversum…Bram and Sibe helped me in between shows. We produced 5 shows that weekend..
sheer crazyness. Live on stage: Droon, Igorrr, Voodoom, FFF, Sickboy, Drumcorps, Shitwife.


August 23rd, 2014

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Red bull studios invited me visualise their stage at Mysteryland this year. After the stage at DGTL
and the book release at Melkweg i guess they were happy with my branding work for them. For
this show again i made a ot of extra visuals and custom mapped chasers. It was a bit of a challenge
but with some modifications the branding came out nice, i had a lot of fun seeing my custom visuals
shine here this day. On decks: Dimitri, 2000 and one, Tom Trago and Joris Voorn with Joran van Pol.
Quite an intimite stage actually…Friggin’ awesome.


August 22nd, 2014

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My friend and colleague Jesica Dreu from deframe asked me to help a little as video operator
on this show. This being a completely directed show about gabber/happy hardcore culture
in Holland it was quite a full and complex show. Several layers of video instarts, video clips,
manually synced songlyric subtitles, LED deco…dancers, lightshow…guest live acts…dj
change overs…the works. In the end some of the material wasn’t even used…it was quite
a full and packed one hour show. It was really great fun to see the ALPHA tent of Lowlands
go completely bonkers though…the audience went completely nuts. See for yourself:

In the end all they needed from me was some manual clip and lyric syncing…some signal
processing and mixing…fun to do none the less…a bit more to the technical side of the job.


August 17th, 2014

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I dont even remember how many years that makes? 5? 6?
KBK and ledlease invited me to rock the legendary xray with them yet again.
This year i used my own mapping and fully mapped content, and it worked like a mother…
Glad to see i can rock a stage at this level, technically and content wise.
It was a very difficult stage…with several led systems and depth overlays in tetris-like
shapes..quite awesome to play though. Xray is for sure the most awesome “club” on any festival.
Higlights for me this year: PROSUMER, INTERSTELLAR FUNK, PATTEN,


August 2nd, 2014

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Second year that STV visuals asks me to host the mainstage for them at the legendary Solar
weekender in Roermond. Always a pleasure coming down south for this. Mostly it not being
vj-ing but more being a technical host…or a backdrop creator…i had a lot of fun making Solar
festival related visuals or visuals that related to the artist playing at that given time. This
festival being mostly electronic…the mainstage is where the music is diverse with band and
everything. Live on stage…bassnectar, great minds, araabmuzik, hudson mohawke and perquisite.
Aw yeah…see you next year Solar!


July 27th, 2014

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Yesterday i was here sporting some raw hardstyle…today i’m here visualising the urban live stage.
Re-using the custom 4 piece LED mapping from CRAFT the day before i could focus on making
sunny, colourfull and “urban” content for all the shows…plus some added custom content per show.
The dj acts were a bit much for me but with live on stage: DIO, FIT and especially AKWASI,
FRESKU and legendary GREAT MINDS i had a great day here at the Amsterdam NDSM.


July 26th, 2014

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Under the moniker “Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing” my friends over at 3monkeys/Penoze
organized this monster Hardstyle/hardcore/raw festival and asked us to make custom mappings,
content and visuals for two stages: Penoze and Reckless.
On decks: Radical redempion, Titan, Zatox, noisecontrollers, alpha twins, b-freqz, prophet,
Thera, Exit Mind, Outbreak, Chris One, The Machine and delete to name just a few.
Hardstyle not being our primary thing…it was fun to rock out some stages like this for a day.

post DOUR 2014

July 18th, 2014

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Never in my life did i actually expect to VJ here at this festival…never ever…ever.
When the hard way was booked to play here i was so syched…pure awesomeness.
Not only did we play a stage at DOUR
We played it after Atari Teenage Riot and before IGORRR…HOW GREAT IS THAT!
The hard way killed it….killed it dead…awesome show…

post zomerkriebels festival 2014

July 5th, 2014

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LSSLSS and I took in this assignment for KBK visuals, creating both the live visuals as well as
the 15 minute longtimecode finale-show. Creating this in around 4 days was a bit
of a challenge and we are actually quite happy with the level of our graphics at this point.
On stage this day: Moti, Dyro, Sick Individuals, Sander van doorn and blasterjaxx…
Full on into the EDM as you can see…yes we are comfortable there as well :-)

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